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Travel Guru who is Passionate about Helping Travel Companies grow.

My Story

The Travel Bug bit me very early in Life. Having started to explore the World at an early age of 6, I had travelled across India and Europe by the time I finished my School. When still in College an Opportunity presented itself for a volunteer assignment for World Airlines Clubs annual Conference being held in New Delhi, India and this was to change the course of my career. While I was completing my Graduation, I also started working with Travel Corporation (India) Ltd which at that time was one of the Top 3 Incoming DMC’s in India and since I had already learned German language and spoke it like a native, I got opportunities that let me to experience the Indian Sub-Continent first hand and taught me how to work with Multiple nationalities a learning which has no parallel in todays day and age. 

in 1993, when Kashmir had just about shut down for Tourism, an opportunity presented itself for establishing Nepal as a destination to fill the void left by Kashmir and I was lucky to spearhead the sales for this venture generating a multi Million dollar Turnover and setting up what was then the biggest B2B network. This was all pre Mobile phone and email days, we still used a Telex machine and faxes (which though very expensive were the only way to get instant confirmations). After establishing Nepal in India we launched Nepal as a Leisure Tourism Destination in Switzerland, Germany and Austria (German language helped me get a major chunk of this Business)

Armed with this experience, I moved on to selling India and the Sub-continent (B2B Sales) but expanded my markets to also include USA while still Trip Leading my HNI clients (which was mostly Private jets and celebrities)

By the early 2000 Modern marketing tools were being introduced, Even though we only had dial up modem connections, I had started experimenting with some of the Marketing tools. A term called Autoresponder was gathering momentum and my Automation Journey was starting.
In 2007 I took on a role which was to establish an Egyptian DMC in India and connect it to the Indian B2B Industry. India was making its presence felt outside of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

I was in a rush to connect with the B2B industry and distribute the product capitalising on the early movers advantage. This was the point where I was able to deploy Email Marketing on a larger scale despite its cost and see the power of one click distribution. This combined with the right Strategy helped us grow this company to a PAN India presence in 6 months.

In 2011 I joined LPTI which was then a part of TUI and was heading the Sales for German Speaking Europe and USA and started experimenting with CRM’s. I was in search of a Tool which would help me have an Overview of my best agents rather than using a Spreadsheet and getting data from Accounts.

The Summer of 2015 started my connection back with what I call my 2nd Home, Dubai where I defined a roadmap and established Taiwan Tourism in the B2B markets across the GCC Markets and made it a New & emerging Destination.

3 Decades of practical experience, being an expert strategist and Knowledge & experience of the Automation tools helped me started my own Sales & Marketing Company in Dubai in the year 2017 and also one in India.

Having started multiple times from a Scratch and growing each and every venture every single time, I help Travel Companies which have become stagnant, or Start-ups on Strategy, Business Processes, Marketing and Technology that would put them on a growth Trajectory.

Fun Facts

Between 2014-2017 I spent over 20 hours a week on figuring out best tools to automate Travel Business. Now I save over 20 hours a week because of Automation.

CRM's Tested

Email Marketing tools tested

Automations built (appx)


Conversions achieved (Cold prospects)

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