What is automation

Automation is when your Data flows seamlessly. From Lead generation to Contact creation in your CRM to Conversion using Omni Channel Marketing

Automation ensures that even if people quit the Travel Organisation your Data is safe, there is continuity in service for your clients. Your best promotions reach the potentials and Customers in real time giving you more conversions.

80% of your Business comes from 20% of your Customers.

generating sales from existing customers is easier than new ones.



Do you know, how many customers you have serviced since you Started?

Do you remember the last Holiday, your customer booked with you or do they have to remind you that?

Are your Customers getting regular updates from you?

Do you have enough lead Magnets to generate new leads?

Do you know what your Pipeline looks like?

Are your customers Segmented?

Do you know how Productive your Team is?


Increase Coversions

If you are communicating regularly with your customers you are creating a Touch point. The more the touchpoints the Higher the brand recall.

Personalised Content

If you have the data you can create offerings that are relevant for each customer. A Customer who has already travelled to Turkey would not be keen on Turkey promotions. The right promotion can mean speedier conversions

Operations are Smoother

Having the Right data tools means that your Operations are smoother, An escalation can be quickly resolved using a Service desk. 

Automation can help you turn your Leads into customers and convert your customers to returning Customers.

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