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Written By Vishal Mehra


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Ask any Sales professional and they would tell you that the most difficult part of Sales is the follow ups. Follow ups consume time are repetitive on nature and are monotonous. They take you away from your core task which is being out there with clients closing deals or prospecting the leads who have a higher rate of closing. but here are a few undisputed facts.

We know email is an effective medium and we all use it, but since only 9% Business emails are opened if they are generic but the same number nearly triples if the Subject line is personalised, the key takeaway if you are not getting responses, is to do some in-depth study about your prospects ( Linkedin can tell you more than you need to know ) and personalise that Subject line.

Moving on

This makes Sales people tear their hair out because this is the most unproductive activity and makes them cringe. Specially since it is boring and repetitive and as Sales people would tell you the worst part of sales process, but unfortunately it is necessary.

Imagine that you are prospecting 5-6 leads and one of them starts to warm up, which means your energy goes where the conversion chances are higher. You start focussing on this one prospect and forget to follow up with the other ones, the other prospects could have also been nearly ready but since there was no follow up they slipped out of your funnel or the Competition being effective with follow up was able to close it.

Yes, you got that right, 80% of all people you are prospecting would say no around 4 times, unless they are in a hot mess and your product or service is the best solution. But even then the chances are that you have been touching base with them for a certain period. Now the same study also found out that 92% of Sales People give up after getting 4 NO’s. Why? because it is time consuming and unproductive.

This is the problem that can easily be solved by having a follow up Tool and automating it. If you are a regular to my blog you know I am all about Automation. Any unproductive and repetitive task should be and is automated by me.

It was only natural that I would automate the follow up part of the sales process as well. After having tried countless tools that promised to help and having tested these, I arrived at my 2 chosen ones that we use everyday and since this came up as a frequent request from a lot of Industry colleagues, I have made this into a Blueprint which I am happy to share.

Some of you may not believe it but using this process I have had a 30%+ conversion from lead stage to prospect stage. If you are a Travel Agent in the Middle East or India and receiving regular Emailers from my Company Bigfoot Marketing you probably signed up or came to our list using the same process, you probably responded back to us on the 3rd or the 4th email and it was an automated follow up. 

One question that I get a lot is that why do I give a lot of my processes for free, I decided to charge for this Blueprint earlier and I have charged paying clients a $1000 to set it up for them, to show them how it works and they have gotten awesome results, but I also see so many people struggling with the sales process and a very typical thing of our Tourism Industry is that people don’t ask for help. If my knowledge can help people then I am pretty satisfied to have made a difference. 


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