How can Boutique and Small Hotels leverage Inbound Marketing

Written By Vishal Mehra


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Inbound Marketing Small and Boutique Hotels

Leveraging the Power of Inbound Marketing Small and Boutique Hotels can drastically improve not only the ARR but also have regular leads coming in. As a Small Boutique Hotel, you walk a tight rope, you want Occupancy but don’t want to reduce your A.R.R by putting all your Inventory with OTA’s, who naturally would not pay you the Best Price. Don’t you as Hotelier wish that there was an Ideal situation where you could have more incoming leads at a lesser price and help you improve your A.R.R. 

Today the traveler looks for experiences, instead of promoting your Hotel Rooms promote experiences around it on your Blog. One experience that is unique in itself is no fixed time for meals. You don’t have to have fancy Buffet layouts but have the ability to serve the Guests meals whenever they want. When someone is on a vacation he/she may not want to get up at the pre-defined timings to have meals. Serve your Guests meals whenever they want, If you have the location advantage then create unique dining experiences (Breakfast / Lunch or if views are spectacular at night then Dinner). Create Stories around this, Your interaction with your Guests and every customer’s feedback around this no fixed timing meals, experience can become a story in itself and may appeal to a large population who lives their life by the clock.

People today don’t just travel to stay in Hotels, but also meet new people, experience the local culture, do activities which are unique to that area. Create experiences which help people get to know the area better or something which is a must do for the people when visiting your area, do it yourself first, take pictures make Videos and write about them, It doesn’t matter if you think you don’t have a flair for writing just pen it down. If you believe in the experience and write about it from your heart it would connect with prospective travelers.

As a small Boutique hotel you may have many stories and if you can get these across to people these would have a huge impact. Become a Story teller both on your blog as well as when people are staying at your Hotel. Everyone enjoys interactions and if you can make them feel comfortable and looked after then this generates word of mouth publicity.

Once you have your Blog written, a very small investment can make your content go Viral on Social Media. Let me explain this as an example.

 It is a simple 4 step process which can help you get started and bring changes for you.

As an Example: You have a unique farm stay (3-4 hours drive from Delhi/NCR). You offer 2-3 full days of experiences and these are aimed at not only adults but also children. (Though I have taken a Farm Stay as an example, this can be replicated by any Hotel from Leh, Ladakh in the North to Kanyakumari in the South, from a Hotel in Eastern most part of India to a Tented Camp in Kutch) 

Step 01: Would be to put the Experiences on a Blog and create a Story around it.  

Step 02: Set up a lead capture option and tie it with an Autoresponder (this could be email / Facebook messenger)

Step 03: Would be create an awareness campaign on Facebook / Instagram with the sole intent to drive the traffic to your experiences. Using event code you can monitor if the traffic checked the Farm Stay as well or not.

Step 04: Retarget Assuming they came to the blog but not to the Main site we can retarget them with promotions. Assuming they came to the Blog and also the main site we can retarget them with special offers.

If you have the ability to get Video Testimonials from your Guest, nothing fancy is needed your Mobile Phone can record the guest experience before they check out and you can create an advertisement around it on Social Media. That in turn can produce more awareness for your Brand.

Inbound Marketing and Small Investments in Ad traffic can help you increase your Occupancy organically and reduce your dependency on OTA’s.

If you are looking to grow your Business organically but don’t understand Marketing, consult with us. Drop in an email and I would be happy to connect with you, if as a Small Boutique Hotel you are looking for a Sales Solution, Bigfoot Marketing which is my Sales & Marketing Company is now providing dedicated support for Small and Boutique Hotels in India for B2B Sales


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