How Relevant are you as a local Travel Agent today?

Written By Vishal Mehra


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Are you as a travel Agent today, still as relevant as you used to be around 10-12 years ago? With easy access to Internet and everything being available online, larger choice of Hotels using,, or for hotels and meta search sites like and for flights what is the relevance of the local travel agent in todays world.

My experience on this is based on Observing how many Travel Agencies operate today, small Mom and pop Travel agencies today have nothing in terms of value to offer. Clients do all the research, come up with the destination, what they wish to do and where they wish to stay and in a lot of cases they go direct and book it as well, in some cases they ask their Travel Agent whom perhaps they have known for a long time to offer a competitive quote on an itinerary they have shortlisted, which brings us to the main point, what are you as a Travel Agency offering that makes you special and relevant today? On price alone you can’t compete with the Giants and other Online Travel Agencies.

What are you doing which makes you different? having observed and spoken to over 500 travel agencies, the majority of Travel Companies are following the leader and trying to offer products which can be best described as copy cat or me too products. The Travel Companies are reactive rather than pro-active, they wait for the clients to come to them rather than going to the clients using Omni channel tools. Since they have not defined a niche they operate in, the requests they get are all over the place and then to make matters worse the Travel Agencies query multiple partners for the same requests, and due to lack of knowledge and awareness (in most cases the clients know more than the agents) they end up losing the Business. (For my Representation & Marketing Company, Bigfoot for every 100 queries we received we are only converting 14%, as being a B2B service, we don’t sell direct to the customers but to other Travel Agencies.

Every year hundreds of travel agencies including some small OTA’s are shutting down because they offer nothing new and competing with the likes of and is not feasible. What is the future for such small Travel Agencies?

1) Innovate, choose a line of products targeting a particular niche and not everyone. One of my Boss and Mentor always said, “It is better to go an Inch wide but a Mile deep“. Make your Products unique and special. Ask yourself a Question, If i was the client in that Segment what would I want to experience? Build that into the product/s.

2) Go out there and Market them, even the best products need to be sold, sell them where people are really buying and have a long term strategy for this. Doing short term activities has never gotten anyone any results. Professional Companies think ahead and think long term. What am I expecting from this product in the longterm. are my Marketing efforts going to bring the best return on  the products.

3) Educate not only your Team Members (this is the single biggest reason for failure, Team Members who would be guiding and selling to the Potential Clients don’t know all the USP’s of the product) but also your clients. This is a step where 99% of small travel agencies fail. They do not educate the clients about the USP of their products.

2019 would see some major changes and if you are not doing anything to stay relevant you would most likely not stay in Business.


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