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In one of my earlier articles I had spoken about a Sales Funnel and I had mentioned about using Landing Page Builders as a layer between your Website and the Lead you were wanting to get into the funnel.

I got a few people who reached out to me and asked me to explain this if I could with an Example. I would try and guide you here with a practical example of what you can build and how you can effectively use this to your advantage.

First let me answer how I personally as a Travel & Tourism Marketing expert would do this and at the same time answer the questions that came to me

Question 01: Why do i need a Separate Software and not use it just my website.
You don’t need a Separate Software if you are already using Converkit + WordPress. (Please read my article on Convertkit for Travel Agencies) You can easily import your page into wordpress using the one click option or do what I have done here for those wanting to 10X their tourism brand.

It is a Landing Page I have created with one and only one Objective. To help companies who want to 10X their Business come and sign up. 

Only once you have signed up, are you redirected to the site which has all the distractions. (If you are not on Mailerlite or Convertkit, guys read the article Convertkit for Travel Agencies, you will be amazed how quickly you are able to reactivate your old subscribers / Customers)

If you are still on Good Ole Mailchimp or someother software like Mailerlite, (Mailerlite is a also a great tool and very similar to Convertkit and has a drag and drop editor for building visually stunning emails, however if you have read my article on Convertkit for travel Agencies or you are on my list then you know I don’t recommend these so called visually stunning emails as they tend to end up in spam and have lower open rates) they also have a landing Page Builder (which I use a lot) but these are hosted on their respective domains and not on yours.

Question 02: Why can I not have a page on my Website itself
As discussed in the earlier articles, the objective of using a landing page is to Get the contact Information from a lead and share the lead magnet with them without giving them any disruptions.

Your website is loaded with call to action buttons, Imagine this the lead is on the page and about to fill in the contact information and gets distracted because of a Link you have on the top Menu or the bottom menu or clicks a button which opens another page and the lead moves on.

You have not received the contact information which means you don’t have them on the list which means you cannot contact them. Simple. Offer them a DISTRACTION FREE 20-30 Second experience to get their contact details and then move them on to the website.

Your website no matter how beautiful, is filled up with distractions. The Bounce rate is always high on the website. If you use conversion tracking in Facebook. See the lead sign up rate using a Landing page v/s a Website regular page.

How would I use a Landing Page Builder

I would use my favourite tool convertkit or Mailerlite to design a Simple Landing Page (check out the example  of the 10X Growth Landing page) . As you would have noticed (if you haven’t been on it please do that first and then come back). On the Top is the Message below it is the Sign up box.

Here I am solving a Simple problem, Tourism Companies who are stuck and wanting to grow and 10X their brand, can share their details and get on a free 60 Minute call with me. In and out in 30s. Since there are no other visual distractions on the page the conversion rate is pretty good. (Sharing previous examples of Sign-ups)

If only we could get these stats in a Travel Agency it would be a reason to break out a Chamapgne as a 20%+ conversion rate is rare.

This is a very targeted campaign directed at the B2B Industry only and those who know us, know the immense value we provide. It is largely based on the past credibility.

However coming to the point. Using my Sales Hack (read about it here), I am sending out cold emails to the Industry and asking them to sign up, The most difficult people to get to sign up are the Travel Agents (Most of us believe we know it all or I would google it later)

If I was creating the Landing page on the same example that we used in the Article about Sales funnels, I would have a brief introduction (Connect with your Audience) on Travelling on a Holiday with small kids.

The left side of the page have in broad strokes what problem we are trying to solve for the lead, in this how challenging it can be when travelling with Small kids and how the Author (Someone who has overcome this problem, arrived at this solution and how their trips have this element incorporated) and go on to tell them that you are willing to share this information with them and if they wanted it, they just have to tell you where to send it to.

This is a Micro Niche and you can easily get between 8-10% Sign up rate if you are targeting the right audience. (I would usually rely more on the Facebook Ad’s) to drive the traffic.

The thing with Facebook is that you can target people in any city and region and have them as your customers. As a Travel Tourism Consultant, I have helped companies in Lima, Peru or from Botswana in Africa while sitting in India or Dubai.

It doesn’t matter where the audience sits today, Using Technology and modern day tools you can connect with anyone. If you are solving a problem for 10 of your customers then you can also solve it for 10,000 People (if not more) across the Globe.

People are not so different and would have similar problems. If you as a Travel Company are offering International destinations you can get people from practically anywhere into your funnel.

If I was building a Complicated 2 or 3 stage funnel I would use a more serious landing Page Builder like Click funnels ( What is a Complicated 2 or 3 stage funnel: It is a funnel you create when you have something great to promote and instead of using a website you use a funnel to A) Sell this great promotion to them, B) in the second stage have an upsell any add-on offer you have comes here, before you take them to the check out page.

What we built for a customer was a Special that the a Resort was offering. We promoted this offer on Facebook and went very aggressive (We were aiming for around 300 bookings over a weekend for this and wanted to Automate the up-sell, Inventory and Payments)

The Resort we were promoting is an Internationally renowned Resort. The Rate we had for this promotion was 40% less than the BAR rate of the Hotel.

It was only available to us exclusively from a Friday thru to Monday. All bookings were to be processed latest by Monday else we would not have this Rate and we had 80% of the resort Inventory kept on a hold for this promotion. The Stay had to be between a certain Period (In this 1 Week window)

We created a 3 Stage funnel with 2 Up-sells.

Stage 01: Our Advertisement was a Video AD which brought in the traffic to the Landing Page. It was based on what is called F.O.M.O (fear of missing out, We have all been Targets of FOMO at some point or the other, whether in a local mall or an Electronic Shop) as this was a time sensitive deal.

Once the leads landed on the Page, there was another VIDEO there which reinforced what the leads had already seen.

It showed them the rate of the Resort (Genuine BAR rate) v/s what we were promoting and the date period this was valid for.

Once the Clients had opted in for the offer and pressed next we took them to a Stage 02.

Stage 02: Was an Upsell. We were giving them upgrades to Suites + Club Access which means unlimited drinks for 5 hours every evening + Free Meals during these hours at a 50% discount. (We showed them the saving here, The exact text was, You can save upwards of INR 25000 during your stay by upgrading to the Club Room / Suite and the cost of the upgrade was not a lot) Only Available this once, if you press next it is gone.

Stage 03: Now that we had them here either via the UPGRADE or if they passed it we had the last up-sell. Package includes Transfers from the Airport to Resort on a Seat in a coach Basis. They could pay right here for a private car and cut the wait time at the Airport.

We sold all our Packages that we wanted to and more. We did spend a lot of money on the Advertisements for this, but the Travel Agency got 300 high quality Customers and made a little profit on the Promotion. However our objective was not to make money but gain customers in this niche. 

To put this backend on the Website would have been a task and probably not 100% error free. With ClickFunnels were able to do this in less than a couple of hour’s.

It took 1 week for the Travel Company who was my client to choose the promotion, another 3 days for them to get the HoteI aligned and finally it took me a couple of hour’s to build the funnel and what to put as up-sells.

If you have a crazy Idea to promote you too can build it using Click Funnels

There is no reason why you as a Travel Company should not be using Landing Pages.

Landing Pages are great when you have a Lead Magnet to share and in lieu get the people to give their Email Address and/or other contact details.

If you are not using these at this stage, my recommendation is to use them.

The Best way for a Travel Agency to start with this is to first do some research and figure out what problem have they best solved and how they can help thousands of the other travellers solve the same problem.

Once you have that answer, levearge the power of Facebook Ad’s and promote it.

Depending upon your country the cost of getting a lead may vary, but my thumb rule is that as long as you are getting a lead for under $5 you would be fine.

Please always remember that the Lifetime Value of that Customer can be much higher if you A) Communicate regularly using Email Marketing B) Don’t goof up the trip of the customer.

If this Article has helped you and you decide to sign up for either Convertkit or Mailerlite or Clickfunnels, if would mean a lot to me if you could do so using my affiliate link.

It wouldn’t cost you anything extra but it helps me get the credits and keeps me motivated to keep on sharing more content for free. Here are the Links should you decide to sign up for any of these.

Convertkit: Click Here You would get a 14 Days free trial to take it for a Test Drive.

Mailerlite: Click Here  Mailerlite is free till you reach 1000 Subscribers. It has always been my fallback.

Clickfunnels: Click here You have a 14 Day free trial to test it out.

If you are a Travel Company who wants to go all out and Automate and 10X your Business in a Year, get in touch with me. I help Tourism Brands grow.

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