What is a Sales Funnel?

Written By Vishal Mehra


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Everyone seems to be talking about Sales Funnels lately? What is a Sales Funnel? Why do you need a Sales Funnel as a Travel Company? If this is something which is of interest to you then read on.

A funnel is something we are all familiar with. It is wider at the top and narrow at the Bottom. From a Travel prespective not everyone who Inquires from you books. Top of the funnel called leads is where your Inquiries come in the bottom of the funnel is where your sales happen.

You have a Website and an Inquiry form, the potential Holiday Seeker comes to your website looking for a Holiday and likes what you are offering, this is the stage which is also called the “DREAMING STAGE

I want to go somewhere stage at this stage the Holiday seeker is just browsing and looking for options. A Lead is Generated. There would be 100’s of leads that would enter this stage.

Next is when your Travel Company connects with the customer. I recommend 2 channels here, An automated Email to welcome the Prospect and follow it up with a personal call, how serious is the prospect is still an unknown at this stage.

Once you have completed a call with the prospect you have a little more idea about the Journey they wish to undertake. You may be the right fit or you may not be the right fit (Learn to say NO if you are not the right fit, it is better to be a master of a few than Jack of all) Read about choosing your niche here.

Depending upon which part of the world you may be in, between 3% and 5% of all people entering your funnel would make it to becoming customers. (hence wide at the top and narrow at the bottom)

Once you have prospected it is time to make an offer to the Holiday Seeker. These are the Time to make a Plan moments. (Planning Stage). You send a Proposal, the Holiday Seeker asks for an ammendment, you re-quote and then there is feedback. We moved from the Sales call to the follow up in the funnel.

This usually leads to the “Booking Moment”  this is where if you have satisfactorialy answered all the questions of the Holiday Seeker it would move to what is called a Conversion stage (From a lead to a customer) You have received the Booking from the Holiday Seeker and once you have all the confirmations in Place you can close the Sales and move to the Bottom of the funnel.

Now that we have covered what is a Sales funnel, the Question is how does a Travel Company build an effective funnel?

Remember that only between 3-5% people entering the funnel convert so you need it to be as wide at the Top as possible. The leads need to keep on dropping like clock work so that your sales teams are always engaged.

This can be achieved by creating a Lead Magnet. An Offer (Magnet) that attracts the future travellers (leads) into your Funnel. What could a lead Magnet look like. Depending upon what your Niche is, it could look different for different people.

As an Example, your Niche is Family Travel, If you have a Sub-Niche even better, You could be a specialist for Travellers with small children. What are the common questions that people are likely to ask, remember there are a whole lot of parents who would be very anxious and may have put off planning a trip with small Kids due to their anxiety.

If you can pre-answer these questions and put it in a form of an E-Book. This becomes your lead magnet. The leads would willingly give you their Email Address and other details that you want in return for getting these answers.

They come to your Funnel page and enter the details and get the E-book as a Download link via your Autoresponder/Marketing tool (We totally love Convertkit for this) but you can any use any tool as long as it has good deliveraboility rates.

Now once they have entered your funnel, you need a process to walk them through from, I am scared to travel with small kids to a Booking stage.

Why your Website may not be the Best Tool for bringing in Leads.

Your Website is great for showcasing your Offers but at the same time if offers a lot of distractions to your Potential customers.

The same eye catching offers can also be the reason that your Website is not generating the leads. One of the Best ways to get the leads is to put a Layer between your Lead and your Website.

This can be achieved by a Landing Page. A Landing page is where your customer would land once they click your Ad, Article or whatever other source you may have used to generate a click.

You bring your Prospect onto the leadpage ask for the contact details (I would recommend keeping it simple) Thanks for checking us out, where should we send the E-Book that you have requested.

Once you have the contact details, the landing page can redirect them to your Website. Objective here is to get them into the top of the funnel.

What Software should you use, There are a lot of Softwares out there which help you, The Best one that I have seen is Click Funnels or if you are using Convertkit they have an excellent WordPress Plugin which lets you create landing pages right inside your Website.

Click Funnels offers a lot of features and can be used for a variety of upsells and downsells as well, It would take sometime for you to figure your way around the Software.

They do offer a Trial for people to test it out. My recommendation is to check it out once and see if it works for you or not. You can sign up with either the link here. (This is an affiliate link which means that it doesn’t cost you anything extra but helps me get credits and keeps me motivated to create free content to share) or you could just google Click funnels if you don’t want me to get the credit for the same.

How I would set it up? Set it up in such a way that you bring the people directly to the Landing page where you get their Contact details in exchange for the E-Book or whatever the solution is to the problem they are having and you are solving and then redirect them to your website.

If you understand Facebook Pixels and Advertisement then by setting up the tracking on both we can even analyse the conversions that we have achieved. You will have 2 different set of codes to be put. One on your Lead Magnet page and one on the page where your customers land after they have opted in. (if you don’t understand Facebook Ad’s as yet, you could just go to youtube and search for Facebook Ad’s for beginners or alternatively outsource to a company that understand Inbound Marketing and facebook Ad’s)

Once you have the Lead into your funnel, the steps would be very similar to way I have described them.

If you get Stuck at any point just drop in an email, I would be happy to help.


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