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Written By Vishal Mehra


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With hundreds of CRM’s claiming that they are build for sales professionals how do you find one that actually works for you.

After having tested many CRM’s I stumbeled upon Salesflare CRM and was positively surprised with how well it delivered what it promised.

The Signup to Salesflare CRM is a breeze, once you have signed up, you should head straight over to settings (bottom left corner) and click email settings and configure your Email Inbox. for all my accounts I use GSuite as it connects seamlessly with majority of CRM’s. With this done, you are free to browse through the other settings and customising these to your liking. In the background Salesflare would be busy syncing your emails and creating contacts from the emails which you can then go through one by one and save and tag.

After setting up the Email Sync, I would recommend starting at the very top and Inviting any team members you may wish to have on Salesflare, If you are a Soloprenuer then  move to setting your Targets. This is very effective for both Soloprenuers and Teams as it helps you track your progress and take action at the right time. The Regional settings let you adjust the timezone and currency and since it syncs with your Online calendar all your appointments and meetings can be brought over.

All of us have different journeys we offer our customers. Salesflare CRM lets you configure your Pipleline as you deem fit. By configuring your sales pipeline you can customise how you map your customers journey. My company is in the Tourism B2B space, and as an example this is how our pipeline looks like.

The Journey for us starts with the receipt of a Query. As soon as it lands in our Inbox we share it with our principals and create a deal under query received and add an Automated follow up sequence (using a different tool) which ensures that if Our Client has not answered back in 24 hours (Which is our SLA) an automated follow up shoots out to them.

Once they reply we drag this to the next stage. See at this stage we still have a 0% chance of conversion since it could just be a price comparison and the Agent may or maynot revert back to us. However to makesure that we get a feedback from the Ageny we add a follow up sequence (using a different tool) which asks for their feedback in 48 hours if they havent replied till then. If we get an opportunity to requote then we start moving it around and in our case we would either get a Booking or lose it so we only have 4 stages for our Pipeline. But yours could look totally different. Good Part Salesflare lets you customise it fully.

Two of the most powerful features that we have discovered with Salesflare CRM and they have really saved us a TON of work is the field called Tagging and the ability of Salesflare to go online and build up profiles of your customers from Social Data which is available on the web.

Once the emails sync with your Inbox they would create leads under My Customers. Once you start going through the My customers and start saving them to Customers, the profiles start getting populated. We also use the Feature called Tags to segment our data. The segmentation could be on City, Industry, Country. Anything you choose it to be. We prefer ours to be by Country.

It is always recommended to link your Salesflare CRM account with your Email Marketing software. I would recommend linking this first using Zapier. (Zapier if you are not aware is a Super glue of the Internet and connects everything) for majority of people who are small to Medium companies the free plan would be more than enough for you. If you want to properly segment your Data in your Marketing Platofrm as well, the best thing is to have Tags or email lists which correspond with your salesflare account as well.  Now once you start creating Customers Zapier would periodically check your Salesfalre CRM account and transport this data over to your marketing solution.

Another Interesting Feature that Salesflare CRM has, though somewhat limited is to send Email Campaigns. If you are sending to 200 Contacts or less each day, Salesflare can send highly customised emails for you directly from the CRM itself. We have used it extensively and been extremely happy with it as it uses your own SMTP/Gsuite/Office365 to send the emails.

So a real life scenario if your data is all Segmented would look like this.

You log in and any new email that may have come has already created a task in your Dashboard. Hence the tasks feature is the first. You start there and can even send a reply or forward it to someone else from the Tasks menu itself. Automatically the email would be logged into the right Customer or My Contacts section.

Under accounts (Companies)  you can explore your relationships. Anyone marked in on the emails who maynot be in your contacts list automaticlly shows up as suggestions in the Account. This feature has been such a boon beacuse it helps you at times to connect with the right people and since the profiles would populate automatically using Social media information (if it is available) it allows you to grow your network as well.

If you are regularly populating your deals you always know what your next action steps are to be with a Prospect or a Customer. What needs your attention and what should you be focussing on.

Your calendar also integrates very well with Salesflare which means you don’t need to switch between windows. Another cool feature that Salesflare has is a Website tracking script which records all visits of what action your prospects are taking even with your Emails send using a different marketing platform. Salesflare give you a special tracking link, if you wrap any links you are sharing in your email marketing, the tracking link can help the Marketing department with information as to whom to retarget and where to focus on.

Since Salesflare integrates with 1000s of other software using Piesync or Zapier you can really make your data speak with each other and ensure that it all stays in Sync.

As someone who has been in Sales for the better part of 3 decades, this tool is built actually for Salespeople and after having been with them for over 18 months now, I can tell you for sure it will help you save between 2-3 hours a week. Which is a lot.

If you intent to sign up for Salesflare, It would mean a lot to me if you could use my affiliate link here. It wouldn’t cost you anything extra but helps me get credit.

Want to know how I can help Busy sales personnel and what kind of toold I use. Email Me


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