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Written By Vishal Mehra


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More often than not, when Travel Companies connect with me and ask for Guidance, they ask for incremental Increase in Business, as a Travel Marketing Specialist who has grown his Company exponentially using power of online tools and having the right mindset, I always advise that you dont need to play small. It is possible to play big and take on the so called bigger companies perhaps not immedieately but maybe in a couple of years. I am talking growing your company 2X to 3X each year, year on year and that is possible.

I have always been a believer in Online being a game changer for Travel Industry, having seen how the Booking charts were prepared for Airlines in the 1980’s as my dad was an Airliner and then seeing how then SITA changed the game by bringing in technology and slowly the entire booking process shifted to Computers. Then came the Internet from one page sites to complex booking engines. The companies that are leaders today were then probably at the same place, where you as a Travel Agency are today. 

Being a part of many such Facebook Groups, I have observed that many Travel Agents are happy to play small and being mediocre Travel Companies, when they can be much bigger in their Niche. Having interacted with a lot of them and observing the interaction of others, I believe that we let our What is (Today) stand in the way of What can be (Tomorrow) a lot of it has to do with Lack of experience and a lot of it has to do with being simply unaware of how others have done it, so Lack of Educating yourself.

In one of the my earlier posts in 2018 I speak about Sales funnels and more so about Click funnels as a tool. This tool has helped me and my clients grow exponentially, drive in sales with upsells and acquire leads at an exponential pace. How I got to Clickfunnels was through a recommendation of reading this Book called DOTCOM secrets, The book is available for free, you just have to pay for Shipping charges of the book. It helps you understand and brings a shift in your mindset. If you are in the Travel Business today, you need to understand the simple fact that, Marketing is where your growth would happen. Your Product, excellent Service and everything else would only be valuable to you, if you have customers. To get Customers you first need Leads and these leads need to come to you like clockwork day in day out on Autopilot. You need to not only hire a specialist to do your marketing, but you need to understand it yourself.

If you don’t understand how to market online, you need to Educate yourself, If you are looking for a book to read that will take your online marketing skills to the next level, read a book that has made thousands of people Millionaires. Just by reading this book your mindset would change, then instead of wishing that leads come to you, you would create strategies that would bring leads to you. Selling online is quite different from face-to-face or brick and mortar sales. If you have not done it at Scale before, you’ll face a steep learning curve.

Tony Robbins (The most successful Business Coach of all time) says “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” In this book Russel Brunson who is a born Hustler (and i mean this as a Compliment) & has been selling and making millions online since his College days, breaks it down for you.

This book is for anyone who is interested in learning what is necessary to make a business successful online. Even though the book was initially published in 2015 the advice and strategies it provides holds as true today as it did then. Whether you are a Travel Agency having online presence or not having one, it would help you. DotCom Secrets is what I would call a complete blueprint for running your business online.

This book takes you very systematically through 5 stages and teaches you each stage in great detail with Clarity. 

  1. Section One; Ladders and Funnels

  2. Section Two; Your Communication Funnel

  3. Section Three; Funnelology

  4. Section Four; Funnels and Scripts

  5. Section Five; ClickFunnels

Even better, Since you get this directly from Russell’s website, you actually get an opportunity to see his 2-step free plus shipping funnel in action. This is a great introduction to how simple funnels work and you can take this understanding into the creation of your own funnel. (Imaging if you could build a simple funnel for your Travel Company and see leads pouring in every day) 

“You’ve Gotta Be Crazy” Guarantee

Here is what Russell stated on his website: “I 100% guarantee that you’ll love this book, or I’ll return your shipping fee and let you keep the book anyway. That’s right. You don’t even have to send anything back. Just email me or call the number on your receipt and I’ll give you back your money with no question asked.” 

Do they honour this Guarantee? I don’t know as I didn’t call as I refer back to this book once or twice a month at least and I have acquired clients for me and Clients for my clients using these strategies. 

Once again, I know some of you would not take any action, trust me 3 decades of being in the Travel Business have taught me that Travel Agents are always skeptical, a lot of it comes from our not trusting people (Stop asking, Why is he or she doing it? What is in it for him or her? If someone is giving you advise take it and profit) . But if you are looking to grow your Business, take it from Someone who quit his Job as a Head of a Tourism Board to start his own company in a New Country with ZERO FINANCIAL BACKING. The Knowledge you would acquire from this book, if applied properly into your Travel Business, along with same amount of effort as you put now, browsing through forums to comment or look for leads, would help you 2X to 3X your Business in a Single year. 

My Recommendation get this book  once you have it get yourself a Click Funnels Account or if you are like me probably you would get the free trial now and play around. Either ways Take action and you would understand how easy it is to grow with Technology. 

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As a Marketing Consultant and a B2B Tourism Company, I invest heavily in Social Media, I use Linkedin (free and paid both) and Facebook Ad’s to drive traffic to my Funnel Page, my Landing Pages and for my clients as well. If you are not spending money on Ad’s and not levaraging the power of what these Social Media tools bring you, then chances are you would not Suceed. My number one recommendation to my clients is to not go Crazy on AD spend unless you have a Crazy offer to promote. It is ok to spend 10-15$ a day on your AD’s and still witness explosive growth. Boost your Blog Articles on Facebook and use Ad’s for offers. If you are in the B2B space like me, leverage the power of Linkedin groups for free traffic but also pay for AD’s to connect with decision Makers. Trust me, these small spends can make a big difference in your Business. 


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