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Lead Generation

Fresh leads should be the backbone of your Growth. Our Lead Generation Consulting is designed to help you generate fresh leads on Autopilot. 

Humans today have an attention span of around 8 seconds which is 1 second less than that of a Goldfish

On an Average 15-20 Touch points are needed to create a Brand Recall

What does this mean for your Business?

If you are not in front of your audience often enough and creating enough Touch Points your Potential Customers may go to your Competition.  

This data only means one thing that any Business which is not getting regular leads like clockwork would not be able to grow beyond a certain point. 

Your Website needs to be a Lead Generation Machine rather than a glorious Show window. If your website in not bringing you leads regularly then you are missing out on Growth. Leveraging the power of modern day automation and marketing and Lead Generation expertise it is possible to turn this around.

What I do

The Process

A proven Simplified approach to help increase the intake of Leads at the top of the Funnel. This gives your Sales teams more leads to engage with and increase conversions at the bottom of the funnel.
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Discovery Call

It all Starts with a Discovery call. I receive a complete download from you about your Business to help me understand your Pain areas.

Strategy Discussion

I create a Strategy document for your Business to discuss. During our discussion this gets fine tuned and a Final strategy is prepared


A road map is prepared for Implementation of the Strategy. All Stake holders are educated on expectations and Launched. Tweaks needed are carried out in real time.


Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing relies heavily on SEO. I help you curate authoritative content which gets Indexed by Google and brings in Traffic where lead magnets help us convert it. 

Outbound Marketing

In Outbound Marketing we go out to where the potential leads would hang out and drive awareness of your Product and bring them to us.

I use Lead Magnets which with a mix of Inbound and Outbound marketing to create awareness and Touch points, pull your Potential Customers to you and you get to convert more leads. 

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