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Who am I?

vishal mehra

My Journey in the Tourism Industry started in 1989, over the last 33 years I have had the honour of travelling the length and breath of India, Nepal and Bhutan as a Trip Leader, a Sales Professional and a Product Specialist. 

My knowledge of the Destinations has been acquired travelling and not sitting in an Office, I have learned on the Ground, have experienced the Culture first hand, have shared my knowledge with over 5000 Travellers from New Zealand to latin America, have crafted over 1000+ Itineraries for hundreds of Travel companies and cultural Socities and educated 500+ Travel professionals both in India and Internationally on India, Nepal and Bhutan. 

I am a Passionate Traveller, a Story Teller, a Sales Professional and a Marketer. I share my Insights on Marketing with Hospitality and Tourism Companies and help them upgrade their Marketing Stack to better serve their customers. 

I decided to share my expertise on India, Nepal and Bhutan direct with the end travellers because in my 3 decades plus I have realized that only a Local expert can help you get the Trip of a Lifetime. I have heard too often, We wish we knew what else we could do before we booked a trip.

I would like to help travellers by understanding first what it is that they wish to do when they are here. What is the Objective of this trip? What are the interests? What things when added can make this a trip of a Lifetime for you the Traveller. 


Services I offer

Travel Planning for India, Nepal and Bhutan. It starts with understanding the time you have and how to maximise this time for you, educating you on the destination, what places should you visit, where should you stay and how would this become a trip of a lifetime. 

This process involves setting up time with you to understand your needs and wants and then sharing the first draft of the itinerary and then fine tuning it till it fits like a glove. 

You could take this Itinerary and get it priced in your Country or by someone else Locally or you could let me have it priced for you by a minimum of 2 Local Destination Management companies to see who has better deals available at that point of time. 

Why Local Pricing works to your benefit: When you get an Itinerary priced locally, it would always be between 15-20% cheaper and invariably offer you better Hotels for that price point. Also since deals are always based on availability and these change sometimes at the very last minute, having a direct connection with you the Traveller we can capitalize on this and offer you upgraded hotels for the same price. 

Trip Leading: If you are planning a Trip for a Cultural Society or an Association and need a Seasoned Trip Leader to help you get the most out of this Trip, then leverage my rich experience and let me showcase to you what Incredible India is all about. I am a Student of Indian History and culture and during trips, I share my insights and knwoledge with the Travellers there by giving you context to what you see and hear. 

These Insights and Knowledge help answer many of your questions and give you a deeper understanding of the Country. 

Global Brands I have helped

German Speaking Markets

Meiers Weltresien Germany
Imholz Reisen Switzerland
Kuoni Switzerland
Kuoni Austria
Auslands Gesellschaft Nord Rhein-Westfallen
Kulturkreis Stade
Kunstferein Niederrhein
Argauertags Blatt Switzerland
Basel Rundfunk Switzerland
Muenchner Herrensclub
Theatergemeinde Gelsenkirchen
Gern Reisen Germany
Airtours Germany
Deluxe Targets Switzerland
Ikarus Reisen Germany
Voegele Reisen Switzerland
DerTour Germany
Jahn Reisen
Neckermann Germany 
and many more 


English Speaking Markets

Exotic Holidays New Zealand
Gordon Travel Company Australia
Kuoni Dorking UK
Cox and Kings UK
Cox and Kings USA
Abercrombie and Kent – USA
Abercrombie and Kent – UK
Chicago Field Museum – Chicago
Asia Society – New York
Travcoa – USA
Geographic Expeditions – USA
Overseas Adventure Travel – USA
Frosch – USA
Pro Travel – USA
Rudi Steele – USA
TCS Starquest – USA (Private Jets) 
Country Holidays (Now Butterfield & Robinson) Singapore – Curated Signature Journey for them and travelled to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore as a Speaker. 


These are just some of the prominent names that I have worked with, apart from this I have personally curated Travel Programs for Hollywood Celebrities, Politicans and various other HNI Travellers who wanted to explore India in Private Jets either with or without me.

Want me to help you craft the Perfect Journey to India, Nepal or Bhutan.

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