vishal mehra

Who am I & What do I bring to the Table?

I have been a part of the Hospitality & Tourism Industry since 1989, during this career spanning over 3 decades, I have worked with major International Brands, helped them grow their Sales by defining Strategies that are practical and easy to implement.

I have been a firm believer of Online space since early 2000 and have been an early adopter of various Platforms. Having successfully leveraged since its inception, I grew my share of Business from the International Markets at a fraction of cost, developed better connection with prospects by engaging them months before physically meeting them.

Have built audiences for practically every Niche in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry on Social Media channels, leveraging Demographic and Pschyographic data, have helped Brands scale up their lead generation, built marketing funnels that actually convert and bring Tangible Results.

It starts with a One on One meeting whether in Person or Online and to first understand if we are a good fit. If I believe I can add Value then we discuss what in my experience is the best course of action for you to take and what kind of time frames you should be looking at. A proper Marketing plan is then formulated with timelines and defined KPI’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Initial Consult?

The Initial consult can take anywhere between 60-90 minutes and it is a Good Idea to block that much time.

How long does the Marketing Plan take after the consult?

The Marketing plan can take upto 1 week to make. A lot of research goes into it. Your Online presence is evaluated, which covers your website, Social Media activities and your online reputation.

When do we discuss the Price?

After the first call and before the Marketing plan is submitted, I would email you a Proposal which is for a period of 1 Year. Once we have agreed on the price and the contract has been signed, the Marketing Plan is presented to you.

At this stage if the payment for the first quarter becomes due, which repeats itself at the beginning of each quarter.

Are any changes to the current Digital Assets needed?

In my experience majority of websites have not been created keeping marketing in mind. This makes your Website just a glorified brochure. We want the website to become a lead generation engine and to fill your top of marketing funnel. Website may need to be modified or completely remade with special emphasis on User Experience and User Interface and based on the latest technology.

If your Content has not been refreshed in a while, fresh content would need to be created keeping your existing SEO Rankings in mind.

it is not possible to rank for every keyword on the first page, however it is possible to rank for some keywords on the first page of search engines. We would do a Basic SEO audit and then recommend your SEO Team on what keywords and Phrases to focus on. In case you don’t have a SEO team, once can be recommended to you.

These would all be additional expenses to be borne by you.


How soon can we see the results?

Once your Digital Assets are all updated, Lead Magnets created and Email Marketing set up, we would leverage Paid Social Marketing to shorten the time it takes for people to find you. SEO takes between 90-180 days to become effective and once effective you start showing up for these search results. This is how people find you, Its called the Pull Marketing where people are drawn to your Business. 

However we can shorten this time by relying on Push Marketing, where we build a buyer persona and put our Brand in front of the Buyers. This helps us reduce the period to 30-90 days before we start seeing results.

What is the Termination Clause?

Should it so happen that either one of us decides to part ways, a 90 days notice is required, this would ensure that all the strategies that has been put into play can be passed over to the your Team there by ensuring no loss of Business.