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Gurugram, India

I am a Lead Generation Specialist & help Companies achieve growth

I started my Carreer in 1989 in the Incoming Tourism Industry in India and due to my expertise in German Language was soon travelling across India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka, with German Speaking Nationalities and later with North American and British Clients, all of which gave me a unique first hand prespective of my own Country and different Nationalities. 

In 1993, along with my Trip Leading work, I got the opportunity to launch Nepal as a Destination in India for Leisure. Kashmir had by this time closed its doors to Tourists due to Terrorism and this left a void to be filled. This was my first foray into the world of B2B Sales and Marketing, something which I truly enjoyed. In under a year we had built a 1000+ Agent strong network across India and made us the go to company for Nepal. 

Late 90s saw a change in Technology and more and more online tools started to make their presence felt. This is when I realized that these tools could make our Life easier and help us grow at an acclerated pace. I fully embraced these as I realized that Marketing would play a dominant role in the future and leveraging Marketing I was able to grow multiple Businesses.

Having Successfully Launched Egypt as a Destination in India and Taiwan in the Middle East I decided to start my Entreprenuerial Journey in Dubai and Launched Bigfoot Marketing which catered to  Global Tourism Companies wanting to source Business from the Middle East. 

Our Success in the Middle Eastern Markets didn't go unnoticed and I soon had Tourism Companies asking me to consult them on Lead Generation. After the success in Tourism I tried to do the same with other Industries and realized that the basic concepts were the same across all Industries and #growthhacking by leveraging modern day automation tools and marketing was very much a real thing.

Now I consult Start ups and Small Businesses on how to put their Lead Generation on Auto Pilot and help them grow. 

Covid-19 made me to relook at the scenraio and I wanted to find a way to help out people who may have lost their jobs or small Businesses who don't have the marketing dollars, at a larger scale. I have now Launched my Youtube Channel which is aimed at helping people  with actionable Insights and Tips to grow their Brand. 

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