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Content Marketing for Travel Agencies

Content marketing when used in the right manner can be a powerful online marketing strategy that travel agencies can leverage to not only educate but also inspire potential customers and drive awareness about the products. The idea being to catch them at the early stage of whats called “The dreaming Moments”

At this stage of the Dreaming moments, the traveller is just looking to get away and exploring the options, if you can catch them at this stage then you can easily plant the Destination and your services in the mind of the travellers.

The next stage is the planning moments, at this stage they are usually sure where they wish to go to and are starting to plan the finer details of where they wish to go to. If you have managed to catch them at the first stage then you will most likely see them browsing on your site / getting in touch with your team, at this stage as well

Next comes the stage where they are ready to book. At this stage it is important that whatever they have learned online from your site translates down to offline / consultation.

So how can you make sure that you are a part of all these stages, here are some effective content marketing tactics that your travel agency can use:

  • E-newsletters: No matter what one says, Email Marketing is not dead. It is very important that you have a regular schedule to share e-newsletters to your existing customers while also adding new ones to your database. These could be destination highlights, travel tips and special promotions including early bird offers available only to subscribers.
  • Blogs: As a Travel Agency, you would have a list of your Destinations that you are very good at, Its time to translate this information down into written content which can a) showcase your expertise and B) give absolutely top of the line information to the clients. You can also feature customer testimonials, reviews, and user-generated content in your blogs. Actually user generated content would convert the fastest for you, so it makes sense to encourage your existing customers to share their written feedback.
  • Video Marketing: 95% of internet traffic is going to be Videos, Videos convert the fastest so creating engaging and informative videos that showcase destinations, hotels, and activities, should be on the Top of your content marketing Strategies. These videos can be used to promote the agency’s services, or just to provide valuable information to potential customers.
  • Photo Galleries: Create visually stunning photo galleries of destinations and accommodations, Second to Videos these help build excitement and anticipation for a potential trip.
  • Social Media: You need to be super active on Social Channels, whatever content you are sharing on Blogs, Videos and photo galleries should also be shared on Social Channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • Destination Guides: Nothing showcases your expertise as a specially curated Destination Guide, not only would you be helping your SEO by putting out expert content such as Destination Guides also serves as a great lead magnet which helps you build your email list.

These are just some of the things which should be a part of your overall strategy and there is a lot of detailing that goes into what you are putting out there and how what you are putting out there connect’s with your potential audience.

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