Facebook Audience Insights

Written By Vishal Mehra


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Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook is probably one of most affordable medium to advertise to your prospective customers. With over a 1 Billion users, you need some help when it comes to choosing whom to target. Facebook Audience Insights is a solution that helps you go razor sharp on your targeting. Once you log into your Facebook Business Manager, head over to the top rleft corner where you see the 3 Lines, click it and there is the Facebook Audience Insights.

Why use Facebook Audience Insights?

Facebook Audience Insights can help you with lots of Segmented Data (read about Market Segmentation here) this can be further fine tuned by you to carry out your research. The research is typically necessary when you are trying to validate an Idea or a Product. This helps you define a potential audience size, their demographics, Geography, psychographics all the information you need to figure out how big your audience is likely to be and where would you find them. Facebook audience insights is a tool used by all marketers when validating an Idea or a Product.

Facebook Audience Insights – an Example

Let’s say I am validating a product which targets Men (Age group 24-30) who are either going to become fathers or have just become fathers or interested in becoming Fathers, before I create an AD copy, I would head over to Audience Insights inside Facebook and see what do these people like, where do they hangout, what other pages do they like, whom do they follow. All this would give me additional targeting options.

By using the first level of Targeting defining the Age between 24 to 30, targeting only Men across India, I have been able to narrow it down to 5M-6M people. So I know there is a braod audience for this topic / product. Next I want to see what other places do these people hangout on Facebook. The second colum next to Demographics reveals this information for us. 

Now I have additional Insights into what these people like where kind of targeting do I need to do, what additional parameters do i need to apply to get the best bang for my buck. Similarly the next column is about Location, I can go deeper in Facebook’s audience Insights and see what location would work better for me. and finally I can see how active these people have been in the past 30 days, if they are using a Desktop to come on Facebook or Mobile (80% of all activity is mobile app based) so I can create my ads which are better optimised for the device. Once I am done with all this Information, I am better informed on my product and can use this information to create a better AD copy. 

Or I could use a Tool called connectio which takes guess work out of Facebook Audience Insights and helps you find hidden niches that you didn’t know about and facebook insights didn’t show you.  Let me show with an example. 

I searched for the same Keyword as I did in Facebook and selected it, but along with it I was also shown 3 suggestive keywords which I could also focus on Top left corner in red you see father, Father-god, paternity.

Once I chose Fatherhood and asked to show selected, guess what happens. Now I have 43 other groupings and sub-niche which show up for me to go deeper into Keywords. Some may not be relevant but some could be. I can choose these and ask for more suggestions based on what I have chosen.

Your Advantage if you use a tool like this is that you could be discovering Niche Segments which your competitors may not even be aware of. The tool is called Connectio, I use it, most of the marketers I know of use it (even though sometimes they wouldn’t admit) and you can use it too to get better results.

If you are not using Facebook Ad’s as yet, Its high time you considered them. Create an account with Facebook Business Manager and test with small sepnds of as little as US$ 5.00 (In India I have tested with INR 100 which is $1.30 and gotten results) and see what It can do for you. 


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