Hotel Marketing

Hotel Marketing can

build Brand Awareness, Engagement and drive conversions

Get your Direct to Consumer Strategy right

the right hotel marketing strategy

Why you need to grow your Direct to consumer

The right Hotel Marketing strategy can help you grow your Direct business by 30% or more. When you deploy Social Commerce as a part of your Marketing Strategy you have

  • Stronger Brand Presence
  • Increased Brand Recall
  • Increased footfalls for your F&B
  • Increased Leads for Weddings and Events
  • Increased Referrals
  • Lower cost of Acquisition

What is Hotel Marketing

Hotel marketing refers to the various marketing strategies and techniques that can be used by the hotels, to promote their Hotel and create a Top of the mind recall in the mind of the potential customers. 

It is all about creating that Brand recall by offering the right mix of product / experiences that make the hotel appealing to the demographic segment right for your Hotel.

Your Hotel Marketing Strategy in today’s day and age, has to have a healthy mix of online and offline, When going direct to consumer then your focus needs to be on Online channels where the customers are.

 When it comes to B2B and corporate customers you need both online and offline, but there is more emphasis needed on offline channels.

Why is Hotel Marketing Important

The right Hotel Marketing strategy would help you establish as the go to Hotel in your Geography for your chosen demographic segment over your competition. 

If being found by the right customers is important for you, defining your USP’s is important for your Hotel, ensuring that your Hotel stands out from Competition is critical to your brand then Hotel marketing is absolutely mission critical for you.

Remember that today’s customer engages with the Brands on their own terms, at the time of their choosing and at a platform of their choice, it is imperative that you as a Hotel stay updated with the latest trends and your Hotel Marketing strategy be fluid to adapt to these changes.

 Ultimately, keeping up with the latest hotel marketing trends and driving awareness, engagement leading to Conversions should be the aim of every Hotel Owner / Manager.

How do I help you get the Marketing right for your Hotel

Hotel Marketing Services

Areas of Focus for your Direct to Consumer growth

Keywords & Content

Content forms the Backbone for your SEO, Quality Content backed by the Right keywords can help you get lots of free Organic Traffic. More Traffic = More conversions

Conversion Focussed Website

Your Website is the Best Sales person working 24 X 7 for you. a Conversion focussed website is your Lead Generation Engine

Data & Analytics

Analytics & Data when combined can become powerful tools to help you go Razor sharp in the Geographies that are working for you. Sell where the Audience is to convert more

Sell to the Right People

Build the right Buyer personas for your Hotel. Combine this with Data and Analytics and Content and your Hotel has a Direct stream of Customers

Marketing Calendar

Aligning your marketing calendar with the activities being carried out by various departments in the hotel in a Timely manner

Social Commerce

Making your Social Channels work for you to produce Business helping your Hotel harness the Potential of Social Commerce to the fullest

Hotel Marketing Resources

If you are a “Do it Yourself” kind of Hotel Professional, then head on over to my Youtube Channel where I share Tips and Tricks on Hotel Marketing. 

Vishal Mehra – Youtube Channel

Find out if we are a Right fit?

It only makes sense to work together if we are a Right fit, Book a Discovery call and lets find out. If we like where the Discussion goes and we agree to work together, I will share with you a Plan which would then be jointly modified (between your HOD’s and me) and a Quarterly plan arrived at.