Marketing Plan for Small Business

Written By Vishal Mehra


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Marketing Plan for Small Business

As a Small Business owner you wear many hats, What would a marketing plan for small business look like, since you need to be hands on when it comes to product, you need to have your focus on pricing and how you display / Exhibit your product. With a right Marketing Plan for Small Business you would be able to maximise your ROI. This post is specifically to address how small businesses, specially those in India who set up Stalls and exhibit their products can leverage the marketing and grow.

Here is a scenario that I just witnessed, All across India, around Holiday Season a lot of exhibitions take place, we were at one such exhibition in Gurgaon. These are excellent opportunities for small Business owners to showcase their unique products, Almost all the stalls had 2-3 people to showcase what products they had and were hard selling, A lot of Business also was being transacted, but every single stall owner had ZERO lead capture, there was no way for them to retarget these potential customers, Almost all sellers were relying on the customers coming back to them later by giving their visiting cards.

90% of these people would never get a second chance because they made no effort to create a touch point. If however they were to set up a lead capture and tie it up with Facebook Audiences and Whatsapp marketing, they could set up a recall and increase the chances of conversions.

If I was setting this up, I would use a tool like Mailchimp (its free for upto 2000 Leads and after that paid tiers start)

Using an Ipad/Tablet I would set a Lead capture and ask people visiting to fill their details. (Usual rate of people complying is 40-50%)

The Autoresponder I would use would be to send a welcome messgae by email. (This creates the 2nd touch point and serves as a reminder of the Business they just visited.

Set up this audience to sync with Facebook & Instagram and set an AD to be delivered to this specific audience creating another touch point. (They have just visited you, then an email arrived and now they start seeing your Ad’s on their Social media, even if they don’t click on the AD the product recall has been created in their mind)

Have an Autoresponder which goes a day after the welcome email to share specifics of what you are/were exhibiting and re-emphasise the USP’s of the product. This is a reinforcement and helps people understand why they should consider your product.

Here is how this would play out.

Visitor comes to your Stall and see’s your Product. Lead Capture happens.

A few hours later a welcome email goes

The lead is already synced with Facebook Audience for you to target and retarget them with your products.

You keep on updating the audience on your various products using Whatsapp, Email, Instagram, Facebook, round the year with various products and offerings and are reducing your dependancy on Exhibitions and growing your Business to generate revenue around the year.

If as a small Business owner this is overwhelming for you get in touch with me and I will help you get started and set it up and increase your revenues by leveraging the power of marketing


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