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Written By Vishal Mehra


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Getting new customers should not be difficult if you have your Inbound Marketing Strategy right. A good inbound Marketing strategy with a clear end goal in Sight seldom fails, if the focus is not changed halfway.

First you need to define who your target client is. Are you going Specific or are you going broad. 

Lets take an example, if you are curating content which is for consumption of Specific people in a Niche and attracting these people to your Website / Landing Page they are coming to you and this would be Inbound Marketing. 

If on the Other hand your approach is lets throw the Sphagetti on the wall and see what sticks, means you are broadcasting to a large audience with no specific Niche, like in the Olden days doing ad on Television or on Radio then you are using the traditional Outbound Marketing. 

Outbound Marketing

The basic idea in Outbound Marketing is that advertisers use mass media tools to push their message and products out to the public. They hope that if enough people who are in the target audience hear the message, there would be some sore of Traction.

Once upon a Time these marketing tactics used to be effective, but nowadays these ads are so saturated and so similar that people no longer pay attention to them.

Another problem with outbound marketing is that it is too broad and many people who are not in your target audience are also exposed to your message, which drives the cost of advertising high. In some Industries it may be desirable like an Apple or a Samsung would still prefer to use this medium as they believe they have an aspirational product and the more people see it the more they are likely to be seduced by it. 

Inbound Marketing on the other hand is getting found by the customers who may be searching for products similar to what you sell. It is putting enough content out there that you get Indexed by the search engine and traffic comes to you.

Since the people are not responding very well to the traditional marketing channels today, they are using the Internet to search for what ever they want from the convenience of either their computer or Tablet or as the trends show close to 1/3 the searches now happen on mobile. Lets take an example here, someone wants to plan a Holiday, in the past he would have either taken help from friends and family or used the Travel agent whom they knew or maybe gone back to the saved newspaper clippings of Ad’s. (There was a time when we did that and saved all the advertisements for Travel Agencies) Today you google whatever you want. You want to know about a Hotel you go to Trip Advisor (Although personally, I don’t trust Trip Advisor, everything there needs to be taken with a pinch of salt)

There is a lot of content out there already, but what is needed is quality content, content that really speaks to your Niche. The more you write in your Niche, the more of a Domain expert you become and can get a lot of traffic from it. Inbound Marketing also does your SEO a huge favour. Today Keywords alone don’t rank, Content helps you get there.

The Best way to drive up your Inbound Marketing efforts is going an Inch wide in your Niche but a mile deep, what that means is that you start writing about your Niche. In terms of a Travel agency or a Tour Operator pick a niche and run an education series on it. I write about Marketing for Small to medium Travel Companies, my aim is to help the little guy succeed, without spending big bucks. How I have leveraged it is simple, for one of my Companies in Dubai, I end up on the first page of Google for 2 main keywords

best travel representation company in dubai and best tourism representation company in dubai

How I did it was simple, I leveraged content to write about things which are relevant. Apart from using a professional looking DIVI theme which I purchased, I have not incurred any cost for SEO and SMM. I preferred to leverage the power of content and use that to drive traffic to my site. You can do so too. If you have the money go for Paid Ad’s its just a lot quicker but if you want to appear on the first page of Google as an expert in your field leverage Inbound Marketing.

As always if you need help in planning your next steps reach out to me. “Happy to Help”


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