About me

Vishal Mehra


  • Are you a Solopreneur or a Small Business Owner or someone waiting to start your Side Hustle.
  • You are stuck and don’t know what to do next.
  • You need some support and Guidance on Marketing and Sales

You are at the right place

Hi, I am Vishal Mehra and I empower Solopreneurs and Small Business owners with actionable advise on Marketing & Sales Strategies and all Tools and tips you need to succed. 

I started my career in 1989 in the Tourism Industry and was responsible for generating Sales from Europe, USA and Far East to the Indian Sub-continent. I have travelled extensively as a Keynote Speaker on Indian History and Culture and have contributed in increasing the Incoming Traffic to India

I have also been involved in launching various Outbound Destinations from India and the Middle East (Nepal 1993, Egypt 2006, Taiwan 2016) leveraging the power of Marketing. Having co-created the best Marketing and Sales practises which are deployed by large Multi National Companies, I have decided to share my Insights and knowledge here on my personal Site.

Covid 19, pandemic has already destroyed many Businesses and cost many people their Jobs. This is my effort to help whoever I can to start their Solopreneur Journey and become Self Reliant. 

I am deeply inspired by the Africa saying 

"Ubuntu = I am because we are"

You can find more information about my Businesses here

  1. Bigfoot Marketing – Dubai
  2. Roaring Representations India