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What makes for a Good Content Strategy now as The Dynamics have changed post Covid-19. During the Lockdown one thing that became very clear is how much content was consumed by people. Youtube alone saw a 20% surge in subscribers and overall saw the numbers jump giving them 13% more views in the Q1 of 2020 v/s Q4 of 2019.

A similar trend came out on Instagram and other social media channels. Thanks to the generous Data allowances and affordable rates, Indians are today consuming content like never before. This means that it is time for your Business also to rethink your content strategy.

The rise in the number of Youtubers from remote villages to Cities is a clear indication that the content consumption in India is growing at a pace which is unprecedented.

Indian has over a Billion people, out of which it is estimated that 800 Million plus already own a mobile and 340 million plus are already using smartphone’s. This number is expected to more than double in the coming years. This makes It important that any strategy which is formulated for India takes smartphone media consumption into account.

Tips for a Good Content Strategy

Have a Separate Focus group for Rural Indian Markets

Over 70% of Indian population lives in rural areas and has Data access with generous and affordable data plans which accounts for a high content consumption. Keeping this very fact in mind, It is time to curate content relevant to this audience. This audience has different needs and a different viewpoint, curating content which resonates with them would help Businesses to achieve a faster growth with this new and still immature market.

Influencer Marketing

If Influencer marketing has not been a part of your content strategy then remember that Influencer marketing doesn’t have to be a costly affair, Today anyone with a Camera Phone has the potential to become an Influencer. While browsing Youtube, time and again I come across videos of Housewifes living in remote parts of India, filming their day to day life with their smartphones and uploading this to their channels.

This content is being consumed by people across the geographies. Some of these Ladies have upwards of 100K subscribers and can become good influencers as they have a captive audience.We have been influenced to buy stuff what they showed on their channel as it solved a problem that we didn’t even know we had and for making us aware of this we naturally used her affiliate link.

Have more Video Content

content strategy

A Picture is worth a thousand words and a video a thousand Pictures. Divide the market into Ruarl India and Urban India. With Education levels rather low in Rural India, reading a blog is not going to work. For any content which is being designed for the Rural Indian Masses, the Content strategy needs to be revisited and designed keeping this audience in mind.

Videos would rule and if you don’t have video content as a part of your content strategy when reaching out to your audience you will lose out.

If reaching out to the urban and educated population, blogs may work but Videos have a greater impact. In todays day and age Videos need to be deeply ingrained in your content strategy framework.

Time to go Omnichannel

A lot of Businesses have not fully embraced Omni Channel Marketing. Buyers today may consume content on a Smartphone but may end up taking that experience further on a Tablet or a Laptop and end up buying in a Brick and Mortar store or an Online store. Having a clear strategy which incorporates all of these and provides a seamless experience would be of utmost importance. 

This here is a great article on Brands with a brilliant Omni Channel Strategy.

Think beyond Email Marketing

Email Marketing has an excellent ROI in more mature markets but with markets like India, Email Marketing has always had a lukewarm response in retail. Indian Consumers prefer tools like Whatsapp and for a Business to succeed, a whatsapp Marketing strategy is more likely to tilt the scales in your favor than Email Marketing would. It’s time to invest in a Whatsapp API. 

WhatsApp Marketing is especially beneficial for small businesses and start-ups and is emerging as the new-age way to promote, sell and expand businesses. People from across the world are discovering the potential of WhatsApp Business to make their brands stand out.

Reliance JioMart is an excellent example of Whatsapp marketing can be built into your whatsapp content strategy.

Social Media

Social Media continues to play an important role when it comes to driving traffic to your Brand. Today people have become aware and immune to seeing ad’s so you may not see a ROI straight away. However it is important to understand that even if they don’t click the AD right away it gets recorded in the subconscious mind and has a potential to bring them back to your Brand at a later date. 

My advise, Even if you are not seeing good returns on your Ad spend as you used to don’t scale back, it takes between 5-12 touchpoints to create a brand recall. 

Content for SEO

Good content always helps with Search Engine optimisation. Google rewards you if you have created content which solves a problem for people. When it comes to creating content, remember to write it from the perspective of the reader. The reader has come to your site to find a solution for a problem they may have or seeking for Information and this should form the basis of your content Strategy.

If your content is written in easy to read language and explains the problem in detail then people are more likely to come back to your site for more information and eventually become subscribers or leads. When I consult clients, I have only 1 rule that I follow, write content in clear and simple language which establishes you as an authority in your field. 

Time is a finite commodity and if someone is choosing to spend that time on your site make it worth their while. 

A thumb rule to follow is give people more than they would expect, literally spelling out the solution, you may lose some people in the process as they would prefer to do it themselves but as I have seen in my experience more often than not people would come back to you to get help solving their problems. 

Takeaway: How the Right Content Strategy helps with Lead Generation.

Content forms the Backbone of Lead Generation, Having Quality and relevant content means that you are targeting the right customers and those who are relevant to your Brand enter into your Sales funnel. Depending upon your Business and the target audience choosing the right influencers (Influencers should be a Part of your Content Strategy) can make a lot of difference to your Brand positioning and eventually Lead Generation.

Some examples where Influencers have had a huge impact on products: 

Technology. Nord VPN and Skill Share regularly sponsor videos for high traffic tech youtubers. As a result they have grown their users and revenue from around the world. 

Cosmetics: One of the best examples of influencer marketing, Brands who have had no physical presence in a Country have also managed to reach audience in these countries thanks to Influencers. In most of the cases all the Brands did was send their products to the Youtubers for review. 

A lot of tools I use like NordVPN & Mailerlite were all recommended through these tech youtubers and as a result both the Youtuber and the Sponsor gained when you click on that link and become a lead.

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