Customer Relationship Management

The Backbone of any Business

What is a CRM and Why is a CRM a must for every Business? 

Firstly What is a CRM?

CRM = Customer Relationship Management. The customers are the Backbone of every Business and the success of a Business depends on how they manage their customers. A CRM just makes it easier for Business to track and record every interaction and understand & manage their customers better.

Most of the Businesses have some sort of a tool that they use, back in the day we used to have what was a Rolodex, a Visiting card sized rotary stand on the Table where we would keep the visiting card of all our contacts and Clients and then either at the back of the card or on small strips of paper record all the information that we wanted to. 

Some Businesses had a Ledger where every interaction with a customer was recorded. These were the tools that served us well at that time, however with the chaninging time a lot of companies moved away from the Ledgers and Rolodexes but never adopted a more Modern Tool and got lost somewhere in between.

Having a good CRM tool which integrates with other digital tools means that you get a 360 degree view of your customers and that helps you plan and forecast much better. All CRM tools give you the basic ability to build

  • Customer Profiles
  • Sales Pipelines
  • Reports

Having a Customer Profile means that all critical information you seek is available to you at a Glance, specially since all the good CRM’s have a mobile app, you have access to all the customer data at all times. All your meeting records, notes and with a lot of good CRM tools even the emails are synced.

Sales Pipelines are a great way for every Business to track the progress of it’s Sales teams and the audit the health of the Business at any point of time. Imagine being able to take a look at the figures of every sales rep and check where they stand with reagrds to their targets without having to check with them.

Reports are a great way for the Business to see how many leads have entered when, what stage are they at, how the customers are performing. Any deviations if noticed can be actioned by the Managers immediately rather than waiting for the Quarter to end.

With a Plethora of tools out there which ones are the right ones, with CRM’s there is no one size fits all solution. However a CRM tool that comes very close to being a Jack of all is Hubspot. Despite being a robust tool with Sales, Marketing and Service dashboards, ability to integrate with your Website and create 1 million plus records, It is free

They do have a paid plan but you don’t need to upgrade till such time that you have a Sizeable contact base and if you don’t have to or want to. A lot of my Small Business and Solopreneur customers are on the free plan of Hubspot and loving it.

Hubspot lets you customise every thing as per your liking and lets you add unlimted members with the administrator being able to control who gets to see what. Having a CRM tool like Hubspot also means that you never have to worry about people leaving the organisation as all records are stored digitally and if the rights were assigned correctly then no damage can be done to the records and the continuity with the customer can be maintained.

How does a CRM help with Lead Generation

When all your records are systematically stored with Data populating them, it is easy to identify which funnel you need to move your Leads/Prospects/Clients to. This helps in planning the right approach one needs to take with each of these Segments. A Cold/Dormant lead can be made active if one has the Data to show where the contact was broken.

If you can see your Data in full colour then it becomes relatively easy to decide on the next steps.

We have a detailed Guide on getting Started with Hubspot here

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