If you are a Small to Medium Company or a Brand looking for Digital Marketing Tools to grow your audience, here is a list of Marketing tools that can help you up your game to the next level. Having tried these Marketing tools I have not only acquired lots of Subscribers but also helped many of my consulting clients grow their subscriber base.

These Marketing tools play an important part in your Marketing strategy. Please Note that the Marketing tools mentioned here are paid tools and not free ones and offer trials for you to test these out and decide if these are right for you or not.

Before we get to the Marketing tools, It is always advisable to create a few lead magnets as these would help you a lot.

What is a Lead Magnet: In the Marketing terminology a Lead is someone who joins your Mailing list and a Magnet is something you use to attract them to your list. This is usually an E-book or a White paper that you have specifically created and it offers some insights in exchnage for the Lead giving you his contact details.

Do Lead Magnets work: It totally depends on what you offer them and how valuable that Information is. I use 2 lead Magnets to get people on my list. One is an exact strategy that I have used for follow ups which closes more sales and the other is How Small Businesses can upgrade themselves and do digital for under $10 a month

Both of these gives detailed steps on what the lead needs to do to get to the next level in their Journey. Another great example is what I helped a client create for their Travel Company. These are detailed destnation Guides which people can not only read while on the site but also download in exchange for their email Id’s. Here is the example of the Vietnam Guide they have. This Guide solves a very genuine problem for someone planning a Trip and helps them get all the Information about the destination.

These are 3 examples of what could be a lead magnet. Before you create a Lead Magnet ask yourself a question, what problem can I solve by creating this Lead Magnet and does it deliver a value to the person who downloads it. You are the best person to answer this question depending upon your Industry. 

Once you have the lead magnets, its time to tie these up with the Digital Marketing Tools.  

The first tool that I recommend is called Unbounce – It is a landing page builder and offers some very useful features which makes it unique. 

First Question is why do you need a Landing Page when you already have a Website? Landing pages have only 1 objective, to help you collect the leads. Your Website is great as a Storefront but it offers too many distractions and usually does not convert so well. A Landing page on the other hand is a very focussed on that one Objective and helps you create that focussed experience for the lead to get the information, give his email address or if you are into Facebook Messenger give his permission and get that information. 

The Landing Page builder is a drag and drop so you can customise every element of the page the way you want it. It is responsive so it converts very well on the Mobile as well. (Fun fact – did you know that 60% of all searches happen today on mobile phones) a Highly responsive landing page which looks great on the Mobile converts way faster. 

Unbounce also gives you pop ups and sticky bars which can be used by you on your website to drive traffic to the landing page. As an example, you could have a sticky banner on your website telling the visitors to the website about the Lead Magnet and direct them to the landing page.  

It has 100’s of Integrations and can be integrated with practically all the popular Email Marketing platforms and has the ability to integrate all your analytics on the page. If you need to retarget the customers to increase your conversions or increase your Brand awareness by placing the right pixel codes you can retarget them on all the popular platforms. 

Try out Unbounce it is a Great Tool 

Drip Campains using an Email Marketing solution: Once a lead subscribes to your lead magnet, then it is time to deliver the same, one of the best ways to do so is to send it via an email. There are a lot of tools that one can use for this, it is best to understand first what it is that you wish to promote. Would it be more text based emails or would it be Emails with Images and buttons (more calls to action). 

If it is the former then Convertkit is a great fit. It has been created to send Text based emails, emails that actually convert. I use it for my Business (Bigfoot Marketing) It has a basic landing page builder as well, I prefer to use it more to ask my Travel Agents to update their preferences using the landing page. Unbounce is more feature rich and converts better in my experience. 

If you wish to send emails with Images and call to action, then I prefer to use Mailerlite the Sign up form on the right panel is using Mailerlite and if you have signed up for my Lead magnets your email details get added to mailerlite. 

Both Mailerlite and Convertkit have good automation builders and you can trigger educational messages (called drips) to the leads once they have signed up to gradually warm them up to your products. You should not be selling in the second email as it usually does not convert very well. Its a great idea to educate your leads about your products before you try and sell them. Both of them also offer you the ability to create Landing Pages which are more basic in nature and not as refined as Unbounce.

To maximise your ROI one should constantly check out a deal Plaform called Appsumo  It has lifetime deals which are usually 45$ and sometimes you get great offers here. I regularly (like everyday) visit this site to check what is on offer. 2 of the Great one’s that I have and use on daily basis are called Boost and Switchy.

Boost lets me build my audience by leads using Social Media sign in. (A lot of people are just lazy and don’t like filling forms and people are usually signed in to social media including linkedin so it makes it easy for them subscribe, (try it here or here)

Switchy is a great way to build your facebook Audience, it is pretty handy is you need to retarget people for your Business. Using Switchy I can build links to grow my facebook retargeting audience (here is an example this is an audience I am not using anymore as it was for an old client with whom I dont work anymore) this would give you an idea.

Why you should be checking Appsumo regularly is so that you can get the best deals as soon as they are launched. They also have a section called Freebies and a few great ones that I have found are Process Automation Bundle which lets you use Templates you need to fully automate your business practices for free.

Adzooma which is a better way to manage online ad reporting if you run Ad’s on Social media.

Intellifluence which lets you find influencers, create campaigns, and boost awareness in one easy-to-use platform.

Clickminded which helps you climb the search rankings with tips in this SEO Checklist

There are a whole lot of other paid options which can save you a ton of Money. The only catch is that these are time sensitive so depending upon when you are reading this there may be new ones and the one’s I have mentioned above may be long gone.

The other tools which can totally help with your audience building are as under

Followerwonk: If your audience is on Twitter this tool lets you find the right audience by searching their Bios,

Answer the Public: This is a Great tool to find out all the search terms related to your topic. This tells you what the people are actually searching for and you can create content based on these search terms.

Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends: Trends lets you find out what is trending in a particular niche and with that Information you can use the Keyword planner to find out what articles you can rank for and as you know the better your rank the more the traffic and the more the traffic the higher would your conversions be.

Keyhole: If you use Twitter and Instagram the use this tool to track hashtags, social accounts, and historical social data across both Twitter and Instagram. While you will get the best of what’s offered with a paid plan to access, you can still squeeze out insightful data from the free version.

Last tool on my list is Google Site Search Console: This tool helps you understand how Google understands your website; this free platform will provide you with the diagnostics needed to create and maintain Google-friendly websites and mobile apps. Apart from this you can also leverage this data to understand how users from organic search are interacting with your website within the search engine results pages (SERPs)

I hope this has helped you find some tools that you use to grow your audience. If you need professional help but don’t have a huge budget get in touch and I can consult you and get you started.


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