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If you are a Sales professional whether in Inbound Space or doing Corporate Sales, Emails form a major part of your Daily life. Seldom do we get to close sales by sending a Single EMail. We send an Email, we wait for a revert, If we don’t get one we follow up. Follow ups though the most boring part of a Sales routine are the most critical one. 

As Data suggests most Sales Professionals give up after 3-4 follow ups and conversions usually happen after the 5th one. The question naturally arises why Sales professionals give up on follow ups when they are so critical to closing sales? 9 out 10 Sales people who were asked this question said it slipped their mind or they just forgot. 

There are excellent solutions for doing your Sales follow-up on Autopilot. It is a set it forget it way and it brings results. Sales follow ups can be automated. As most Sales people would tell you in the majority of cases the messages that they send for follow ups are repetitive and similar in nature, by writing a pre configured Sequence to be sent on particular days if the prospect does not reply and attaching it to your email you can set it and forget it. 

The Sales follow up tools work on reply detection, Till it does not detect a reply, it would keep on following up or till such time that the sequence finishes of. I usually recommend a 10 step sequence spread over 3-4 weeks in most of the cases. 

Most of these tools have been designed to work on G Suite/ Gmail and some do work with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 (If that is where your email is hosted) Most of these tools also have email tracking built in to let you know when your email has been read. You also get a free trial to check these tools out.

Setting up these tools is pretty straight forward, if you are on Gmail/G Suite as they work with a Chrome browser plugin

As all these tools give you an option to write Sequences, you can define the flow of message and how many days apart you want to send it. As suggested above, set a 10 email sequence and attach it to your Email and let the automation do the work for you. If you still do not get a reply after 10 emails then it is quiet likely that the Propsect may not be interested in your proposition at this stage. 

What I recommend is that you have an email sequence set up which is more based on adding Value to your client, this could be based on your products or your USP’s. It is called warming up your Prospect. When I have usually not gotten any answer back from the prospects, I would usually put them on a Value sequence which gives them Market insights and Marketing and Sales tools.  

How can you as a DMC / Travel Agency set these up. 

As a DMC you go to Trade fairs and meet multiple Agents, if they are already working with you you could put them on Product Sequences if they are not working with you then you may want to engage them and gradually warm them up. One common mistakes that 90% DMC’s make is going for the Kill. This is what we are and work with us. Unless you offer something which is a one off the chances of them saying yes is not usually going to happen. Set up a sequence which gradually warms them up. 

As someone in Corporate Sales you meet with new prospects all the time and want their Business, You may have had a meeting with them or may be reaching to them by sending cold emails. It is a good idea to have them warm up to you before you convert them. Set up a Value addition 10 stage sequence to follow up for you and space it. If you spread it across 1 month and only send an email once every few days with no Sales talk you have a better chance of conversion. Using this you could be prospecting 10 clients at the same time and not miss a single follow up and warm them up.  

In both the cases whether as a DMC or a Travel Agency, you also need to follow with your clients after you send a quote. You can design a 6-8 Stage sequence which is designed for getting a reply from your clients so that you can decide on the next steps.

Tools you have available: 

Majority of these tools are designed to work on G Suite and you need to be using a chrome browser for these to work. Chrome browser has a feature called Extensions and these can be a life saver. For your chosen tool you just need to download the extension and configure it which usually takes a couple of minutes at the most. Once the extension is set up you need to go the back end and set up your Sequences. (At this moment I have around 10 sequences each with 10 emails each running to various clients) Most of these tools also give you the option to add a bcc to your emails which can send the email to your CRM and log it against your client/prospect. 

Tool No 01: Rebump. Currently on Sale at AppSumo there is a lifetime deal for $49 Dollars. If you miss it its $12 a month. It is designed to do one thing and one thing only. Follow up on your behalf and get you an answer. Basic tool with no frills does the Job pretty well. 

Tool No 02: Sales Handy: An excellent tool and probably the best value for money, It has a complete backend designed to help you achieve most of your sales goals. It not only tracks all the emails you send and tells you once they have been read, it also lets you send campaigns with multi stage follow up. Where rebump is a great tool for most of Operations and Sales people looking for just getting a reply. Sales Handy does it on steroids by letting you design multi stage Email Campaigns which are designed to get you a follow up. It also has a template feature and lets up load documents and tracks these as well. The best part is that it is very affordable. The recommended plan is Plus plan which costs US$ 16 per month and is billed annually at the time of purchase once your trail has expired. (Works with both Gsuite and Microsoft office products) 

Tool no 03:  Another excellent tool which does everything what Saleshandy does, has a clean interface and even tells you what location the email was opened. The pricing plan is similar to Saleshandy but the professional plan they have is slightly more expensive than Saleshandy if you go for Saleshandy Annual billing which saves you $48 per year. 

Tool No 04: Very similar to Saleshandy and but works with any Imap account and excellent choice if you want to run Outreach campaigns to a list of Prospects with automated follow ups. You should consider it  if you are neither on G suite nor Microsoft office as it works with any IMAP email account. 

There are a lot of other tools similar to these ones which exist but in terms of Value for money. is a good bet if you can get it with the Appsumo promotion. Else i would stick with either Saleshandy, or

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