Getting Started

with your Idea

getting started

Getting started with your Side Hustle or with your Solopreneur Journey can be a daunting task, not because it is hard to do but because we human beings don’t really like change. People believe that with a change they would lose control, face uncertainty and maybe lose face in front of Peers or family.

This is most evident when it comes to starting a Side Hustle or at the beginning of an entrepreneurial journey, because you are moving into an UNKNOWN.

If you have ever had this thought of starting something of your own but not followed through with it, the culprit would be one of the reasons cited above, Uncertainty for sure would have played an important role, loss of face (in case I fail) probably. What would others say must have come up.

Leaving the Comfort of your current surroundings can be stressful. You may have a well paying job or you may be searching for one or you may be a Housewife who has a well settled life.

Well, we have all been through this. I deferred starting my own Entrepreneurial journey for close to 12 years. It was only when I moved to a foreign country that I got the opportunity to start something of my own. Being out of my familiar environment with not many people knowing me there helped. (since there was no fear of failure)

Today 3 years later my only regret that I didn’t do it sooner.

Today starting a Side Hustle is easier than before and you can do it in your own free time that you can dedicate to it. If you can however give it some quality time and are passionate, it would not take long to make it a full time Job or main Income stream for you.

The Why of Getting Started

  • You Can Diversify Your Income and add an Income Stream
  • You’ll Have a Creative Outlet: If there was something you wanted to test out or validate an Idea but couldn’t do so because of your Job restrictions or for the fear of being Judged, doing so in your Side Hustle (Online / Blog) could be a perfect way to do so. 
  • You’ll Learn New Skills: If you are setting up your online presence you would need to understand basics of Marketing and Website maintenance and maybe even designing. 
  • You’ll Be Pushed Out of Your Comfort Zone: We all know that growth (personal, Professional and financial) happens outside our comfort zone.
  • You would be building something for yourself: All Hard work you put in = Your own growth and not your Employers.

The How of Getting Started

Getting Started is not always difficult, but sometimes we need to be sure and want some outside help in answering The Question how do I Start?

You may have an Idea or you may be asking yourself this question, What should i do?
A general rule of thumb that I discovered while talking to various career & Life coaches was to ask yourself and people close to you (friends and family) these 2 Questions.

For you:
What do people come to me the most for? It should be a repetitive pattern, e.g. I was approached the most by people from Start-ups in Tourism Space to help solve their problems of curating and marketing content with the end goal being Lead generation.
Similarly you would have a pattern as to why people come to you asking for advice or in a professional capacity.

For Family and Friends:
Ask them what as per them is your Key Skill, what kind of problem would they approach you to solve? The answer here would again help you figure out your core strengths. In the majority of the cases the answers you get and what your friends give would have some sort of a common thread. It is this common thread that you need to pick up.

In my case, the answer I got was, They approached me because I would not only show them how to solve the problem, but also teach so that they could do it themselves in the future.

I had thought they came to me because of Domain expertise, but that was not the only factor, they came because I empowered them. This helped me identify my Niche. Hence I try and help Solopreneurs and Small Business to grow and this is what the content here is about.

Similarly this is what you need to do. Identify your Passion or that one ability that you excel at and build on it. Go narrow, Micro Niches are where you would excel.

“Its better to go an Inch wide and a mile deep than to go a mile wide and an Inch deep”

The Inch here is your Niche & the mile is your knowledge. If you can figure this out properly you are all set.

The Other common question that comes up

Why would someone listen to me? Or am I good enough.

Everyone battles with this Question at some point of time or other. Why would someone listen to me is a common problem that many of us face. If people turn to you for solutions and for help, it is because they think you are Good enough.

It is never what you know alone that helps you win clients over. The What when combined with a How makes the difference. Whatever you are good at, when presented in the right manner by you would help you win.

A good way to get an answer to this is, Start by first writing down your skills, hobbies, or elements of big projects that you’ve done, and focus on the ones you’re great at (be honest!), and also enjoyed the most. This would help you narrow down your area of expertise.

If you have solved a problem for 1 person or 10 People there are thousands more who may need the same, and you could be the provider.

Starting your Side Hustle or your Journey as a Solopreneur is mostly a mental game, You would find that it is your self talk that can either make you or Break you. What story you tell yourself holds the key here. The Good part here is that you can tell yourself whatever Story you want.

Remember the famous Quote from Henry Ford

“Whether you think you can or can’t” you are right”

Getting Started - Is the timing Right

There is no wrong time to start building something for yourself. The best time to start is right now. It does not matter that you are not 100% ready, Take the plunge and figure it out as you go along. If you have your NICHE defined then you should set your Intention to start as well. If you are looking for a time when everything would be perfect, that would never happen. 

Take this 30 days Challenge to see if you have it in you to start a SIDE HUSTLE at this time

  • Identify your Niche 
  • Write 5 articles (2000-2500 words each) on your Niche or what you can do best (if you are having a writers block or can’t figure out what to write on research your niche and see what content exists and better it by rewriting it your way. (You don’t have reinvent the wheel, you can take existing information and improve it by rewriting) 
  • Ask someone whom you can trust in your NICHE to read your articles and give you feedback. If what you hear is positive, excellent. If not then rewrite it again. 

You could be done in a week or may take a month, but if you can create content then you are ready to start your Side Hustle. 

Here are some ideas on what your Side hustle could be

Start a Blog – Start it as a Blog and maintain a schedule by posting regularly (Once a week is the minimum) You will learn a lot of things when you start writing a blog, the idea is to build traffic on your Blog initially so that it can be converted to a Website that offers Services or products later. 

Open an Online Shop – Are you really crafty at something? A great way for you to supplement your Income would be to start selling your goods online and create your own Brand.

Sell Digital Products – It’s super easy to create and sell digital products these days. There are tons of options from online courses to eBooks to printables.

Teach a Skill – You may not even know it, but there could be that amazing Skill hiding in you. If you have a skill, chances are someone else is willing to pay you to teach it to them. Whether you play a musical instrument or are an awesome chef, a painter or have life skills which come with experience,  I can guarantee you that there is someone who could be in need of this experience and you can make money teaching someone else your skill

Final Thoughts

Getting Started is a frame of mind. There is no time like the present moment to take that decision to start your Side Hustle and supplement your Financial Income. Take the Plunge and start and figure it out as you go along. All you need is a Burning Desire to start, I can assure you that even though the Initial part maybe a bit difficult, It gets better as you go along.