Inbound Marketing

The Pull Factor

Lead Generation Consulting

Inbound marketing is a marketing methodology that is designed to attract visitors and potential customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. 

Inbound Marketing is also referred to as pull marketing, since it relies on the Power of content and other propreitary tools (designed and owned by the brand) to draw the Customers to them.

This is usually achieved by using a combination of marketing channels – most commonly content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media – in ways which draw people to what you have to offer and bringing them into your Sales Funnel.

Since the goal of Inbound Marketing or pull marketing is to attract the customers to your Brand, having Quality content / Free tool or Freemium version of a Software, is a mandatory requirement. This not only establishes the Brand as an Authority but also answers the questions that the Potential Customers may have and are looking answers for. 

Any Business which wants customers for Long term needs to focus on the Pull effect or Inbound Marketing. Brands wanting to Leverage Inbound Marketing need to be more focussed on long term relationships and solving long term problems that the Customers / prospective customers may have and clearly defining their value proposition / Solution and its benefit v/s competition

Who is Inbound Marketing best Suited for?

Inbound Marketing is something which should be the core focus of every Business. It takes time for your content, no matter how good, to get Indexed.

We recommend that anyone desirous of leveraging Inbound Marketing invests in Quality content also known as Pillar content which would help them establish themselves as an authority.

Good content which forms the backbone of your marketing strategy, needs to be periodically revisited and updated.  Good content periodically updated gets better as it ages. For any Brand wanting to climb up the ladder of Inbound Marketing, focus on writing your content in a way that even someone not from your domain is able to understand it. Some good content that we have seen which draws in excellent quality of leads is between 2500-3000 words.

Think of every possible angle you can cover and answer in as much detail as possible.

Detailed explanations and answers not only solves a problem but also installs confidence in the mind of prospects. If your content is able to do both for the prospect then there are more chances that they would leave their contact details with you for the future.  

Since Inbound Marketing relies heavily on Content Marketing or a Tools which can be used by the Prospects to at least try it out, it is imperative that brands wishing to retain customers churn out content on a regular basis or have great tools which can showcase to the prospect how the tool can help the prospect become more efficient/productive. 

It is always an excellent idea to have an added layer of a strong affiliate marketing strategy for content creation.