Lead Generation Consulting

Accelereated Lead Generation

Your Business needs leads on Regular Basis to grow. Our Lead Generation Consulting helps you take the guess work out.

Your Business needs a Plan to reactivate Dormant leads

Lead Generation Sonsulting

We are lead Generation Specialists. We Consult and help Brands with their Lead Generation Strategies.

Marketing Strategy

Optimize your Marketing

As specialists for Lead Generation, we help you realign your Marketing strategy, there by optimizing your Marketing Spend and accelerating your Lead Generation. It all starts with a Discover call and an in-depth analysis of your existing strategies and fine tuning the ones that would work and replacing the one’s that may not be Optimum for your Brand.


A Simplified Approach

It all Starts with a Discovery Call to understand your current pain areas. Following which we formulate a complete strategy for your Brand ensuring that your Lead Generation happens on an accelerated pace.
What social Media channel is the right one for your Brand, whether we would use Push Marketing or Pull Marketing or maybe a mix of both.

Lead Generation
Lead Generation


Great for Branding and Re-Targeting

We will Show you how Social Media can help you identify the Pain Points and the right approach to leverage Social Media for driving conversions.


Pull Prospects to your Business

The Right lead magnets can work wonders for establishing you as an Authority and solving real problems for your prospective customers. We help you identify and create Lead Magnets aimed at accelerating your Lead Generation.


Winning over your Competitions Prospects

You may have a Better product or Service but your competition may have a wider reach, the right marketing strategy can give you a fair chance at making a Pitch to your competitions prospects.

Inbound Marketing or Outbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing
The Pull Factor

Inbound Marketing is the strategy of pulling customers over to your Business

Outbound Marketing
The Push Factor

Outbound Marketing is a Strategy of pushing your products out to the prospects to pull them

My Story

My Lead Generation story started to find a Solution for simplifying my B2B Sales to Europe and USA. Setting up a meeting by cold calling or by following up with Prospects we had met during a Trade Fair was not the most efficent use of my time. In over 75% of the cases such meeting produced absolutely nothing of value. 

It was then that I discovered Linkedin and back in the day it was not so crowded as it is today and was a lot different. It was here that I started hanging out and making new connections and once they became a connection I started putting them on Educational drip Sequences (Drip sequences for Marketing).

When I went to meet these connections later it was no longer a cold call, they already had some sort of idea of what we did and how I could add value to their Business. The closure rate changed as well for me, I was now closing 15-20% more at very little additional cost. Linkedin is free, I used Mailchimp auto-responder for my drip sequences which was also free (till 2000 Contacts). 

The more I did this the more i realized that there was an easy way to leverage digital approach to increasing my reach. Something which I was able to perfect while setting up own Business in Dubai where the territory for me was the Middle East and leveraging  Digital Marketing I started generating more leads for my clients. 

Soon I was being contacted by others in the Tourism Industry to consult them on Lead Generation. After success in the Tourism Industry I tested the processes in Retail, Service, Real Estate and Medical Industry both in India and the Middle East and was able to help my Clients maintain a Healthy Inflow into the Top of the Funnel.

I consult primarily Small to Medium Businesses, Soloprenuers, Private Medical Practises and Start-up brands who would like to grow their Lead Generation leveraging the Power of Marketing.

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