Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

What is Marketing Automation and how can you as a Small Business owner or a Solopreneur leverage it to your Benefit. 

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What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a process where you can leverage technology to manage marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns, (usually repetitive tasks) across multiple channels, automatically, with little human intervention. 

It all starts with identifying your Buyer Persona and defining your workflows, which get triggered by certain actions that your leads/Prospects/customers take on your messaging. Leveraging Marketing automation you can target your customers with automated messaging across Email, Social Media and Text or WhatsApp messages. 

Marketing automation can be applied to each stage of the journey, What you wish your Lead/Prospect and customers to experience at that stage, should be the main criteria. A good marketing automation campaign starts with a clear end goal in sight. 

At the stage of Lead Generation marketing automation helps with nurturing, and scoring, as well as with measuring overall ROI on campaigns. Depending upon your product you may want to nurture your Leads and prospects and award points to them based on how they interact with your content. 

By adding scoring/points to your Leads/Prospects you get a clearer picture of where they are at this moment in their Journey. This provides a clarity and helps define if the lead/prospect is warm and ready to move to the next phase of the funnel.  

If your Marketing automation tool is chosen correctly and defined properly it can result in huge cost and time savings as you grow. Also by choosing the right tool as a Good marketing automation system it scales alongside your Business, thereby having a low entry cost.

What does Marketing Automation do?

Modern Day sales and Marketing can be very time consuming activities, From automating the lead qualification process to choosing a hub for digital campaign creation, Marketing automation is all about simplifying the repeat activities that a Business needs to carry out. In its simplest form Marketing automation is a set of tools (Either all in one solution or tools connected together) to streamline and simplify your Sales and Marketing efforts.

In todays day and age Digital automation strategy is extremely important as it helps in creating multiple touch points by connecting with your leads / prospects at their convenience at their chosen platform and creates a brand recall value. 

Not only can good marketing automation tools help you with your existing audience, but also help you identify the right audience, help with the right content and by monitoring their activities trigger workflows as have been defined by you. 

Once your marketing campaigns are launched, by leveraging the reporting feature you can analyze the results in real time and tweak the campaign along the way to maximize your ROI thereby saving not only your spend but also your Time and resources. 

How does Marketing Automation work?

You interact with your Leads/ Prospects / Customers on various channels, like email, messages, Email Campaigns, Social Media, Website, app etc. If all this data is properly tied together with a Marketing automation tool, you get a 360 degree overview of your customer.

Once this data is captured by the automation tool, it starts doing all the heavy lifting for you. It analyses what journey stage the prospect/lead/customer is at any given moment and what are the next steps to be taken. 

Not only does it tailor messaging to each customer based on the 360 degree overview and persona but also helps create relevant segments and targets them at the right platform for you efficiently and effectively.

Why Marketing Automation is important for a customer Journey

A customer today has an attention span of 8 seconds and is being constantly targeted by Businesses all over the world. This makes it imperative for you as a Business to have a workflow which creates between 7 and 12 Touchpoints. 

Marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant, talks about the Rule of Seven – it takes at least 7 touch points before you enter the buyer’s consciousness. That means over the touch points a client needs to have enough information about their own situation AND your offering before they can be considered a sales ready lead.

A touchpoint is any time a potential customer or customer comes in contact with your brand–before, during, or after they purchase something from you.

Marketing automation helps you create these touch points based on your buyers persona as has been defined by you. 

Leveraging marketing automation you can Deliver timely, relevant content that reaches customers when, where, and how they prefer — converting prospects into Customers. 

Once they have converted you can leverage Marketing automation to make sure that they stay connected with your brand. 

Tools you can use for Marketing Automation

Send in Blue

Sendinblue is an excellent solution for Solopreneurs and Small Business owners to start defining their Marketing Automation workflows 

You can start with the section called Automation. They have pre made recipes as well as you have the ability to define your own custom workflows. 

Here is an example workflow 

Contact enters the automation when they submit a form & is added to a retargeting audience on Facebook and Instagram.

marketing automation

A day later once the retargeting has already been active and if the contact visited Instagram or FB the ad has been shown. A welcome email is sent.

Another delay to check if the email sent prompted the contact to visit the website. There is a code on the website which identifies the visit.

marketing automation

If the contact has visited the website then a score is added and a the contact is sent to a different retargeting audience and then a different drip. 

marketing Automation

The automation can be built further by you depending upon what your end Objective is, Sendinblue also allows you to send SMS messages, so these can be built into the Automation as well. 

Why we prefer Send in blue for a lot of our clients is because they don’t charge you depending upon number of contacts you have in your list but based on how many emails and sms you send. This makes it super affordable and scalable. 

Active Campaign

Another very robust tool is Active campaign as good as Send In Blue but more expensive as it counts the number of users you have on your list.  So if you have a lot of Leads which are Cold or dead then you would either need to delete them or they will increase your cost.  


Omnisend is very similar to the other two but with a capability to also use Google retargeting. Price wise it is also expensive viz a vie send in blue and similar to active campaign. 

Final Thoughts

Every Business should be looking at tools for marketing automation to streamline your acquisition process. One piece of advise is to have a CRM built into it, Active Campaign has a good one, else you would need to connect it with a 3rd Party tool to sync your data. 

Once the Leads have entered your funnel, if you have foreseen a journey you wish for them to take, these tools can help you achieve the same. Make Marketing Automation a part of your daily workflow and you can save upto 5-6 hours a week. 

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