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Is your Travel Brand Mobile ready? As Data suggests that a vast majority of all Searches and research happens on a Mobile device. If your Brand is not accessible on the mobile then you have already lost out. Mobile today would be the single largest deciding factor whether you succeed or not.

According to the Digital Future in Focus report from comScore, we are past the tipping point in some countries with India, Mexico and Indonesia having more than up to four times higher smartphone vs desktop audience. To be successful you need to be very clear on your Mobile Strategy first making sure that it ties in with your Omni Channel Marketing.

A typical customer begings the journey with Mobile switches in between to a computer and/or a desktop and may complete it on a Computer or a handheld device or may go down to a Physical store. 

Looking at the Data 

However if we change from Global view and look at Asia the data is a lot different. 

Whether you are catering to Global Markets or Asian Markets, it is very evident that Mobile has to play a dominant role in your Omni Channel strategy and ensure that your messaging is consistent across channels.

These are the suggestions I would have for Mobile Marketing

1. Mobile App or a Responsive Website: Have an app which is updated regularly with content which can easily be consumed on the app. If you dont have one as yet then make sure your website is using a responsive layout which sizes itself perfectly and renders perfectly on hand held devices. (The data from my own site shows me that over 70% of my visitors use a mobile device and my content renders fine on these, giving me great leads) Google also gives preference to Mobile friendly websites. Google has a complete guide here and you can check how mobile friendly your website is here

2. Google Adwords and Facebook Marketing for Mobile: If you rely on Facebook Ads and Google Ad’s have a separate set of Ad’s which are aimed at mobile users. Retarget them with another Ad which is designed for Desktop and create a Brand recall. It can take upto 12 touch points to close a sale so have a clear startegy which is a mix of Mobile and Desktop usage.

3. Use Virtual Reality to your benefit: More than any other Industry Travel can greatly benefit from Virtual reality. Virtual reality is a simulated, immersive experience in which the user wears a headset that places them into virtual environment, like a Sight in your Destination being promoted or what they are searching for. Virtual reality can be a game changer if you have the content.

4. Curate Video Content to be vertical rather than Horizontal: A vast Majority over 90% mobile users hold the phone vertical yet content is curated for Horizontal format. By Tweaking this one simple thing you would be able to drive a higher engagement. All your videos which have good traction should have retargeting enabled to get people back to your app or Site.

5. Optimize for Voice Searches: People today are very comfortable using Google assistant and Siri for voice searches. How people type and how people speak are different. Optimise your website for long tail keywords which are based on phrases as spoken by people.

6. Use Messenger based services: Whatsapp is a great tool to stay in touch with your Customers but not everyone can buy a Business API from facebook and incorporate Whatsapp into their Business. If you can Whatsapp is an great tool to do transactional Messaging, if not build in Facebook Messenger as a part of your Marketing Plan. If you are in India then we all know that SMS’s are not as effective anymore.

If you wish to stay relevant in your Business you need to be having a Mobile First strategy. 


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