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Lead Generation Consulting

Your marketing funnel optimized

Optimize your Lead Generation

Your Business needs leads to flow in on regular Basis to stay relevant and build a pipeline. I help design a strategy that is aimed at helping you get Leads on Autopilot.

Leads are potential customers that come to you with interest in your Product or service and afford you the opportunity to sell them on what you have to offer. Social Media can be an excellent source of these leads which flow to the top of your Marketing funnel giving you an Opportunity to nurture and convert them.


Charge Forward

Marketing Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

Social Media is where people share their Likes, dislikes and preferences openly thereby making it an excellent source for lead generation. A right message crafted for the right audience can help leads flow into the top of the Marketing funnel.

Timely and appropriate follow up messaging can help move the relevant leads to the Middle of the funnel and finally move the WARM lead down to the bottom of the funnel from where sales can take over.

Facebook and Instagram for Lead Generation

Ideal for Direct to consumer Businesses. Whether your Business has a short buying cycle or a long Buying cycle, Instagram and Facebook make an ideal place to start to push your Product in front of the right audience

LinkedIn for Lead Generation

If your Business works on the B2B Business model, than there is not better place than LinkedIn to Generate Leads for your Business. The reach that LinkedIn offers is unparalleled and if used in a correct manner, LinkedIn can become an excellent source of fresh leads for your Business on regular basis.


What I help you with

Warm Leads convert better than cold Leads. At each stage of the Funnel your Leads need to be nurtured with the right messaging. I help you optimize your Digital Assets and find opportunities to ensure that A) You have an increased Lead Flow to the Top of the funnel & B) You have timely messaging going out to warm the leads during the Middle and Bottom of the funnel.

Website Analysis & Audit

Your Website should work as a Lead Generation engine, this is where the Traffic lands whether through Search or Social Media. A proper audit is done of your Website to make sure it is appealing to the potential leads. If your website design is too cluttered or offers too many distractions the leads are likely yo bounce or get distracted. When we bring the leads over to a landing page we have one of two objectives, either they buy something and come into the eco-system or they enter our Marketing funnel. 

The more people you can drive into the top of the Funnel (Email Opt ins/ Lead Magnets) the better it is for the Business. As the Old Saying goes, There is a lot of power in the email list, but it needs to be set up correctly.

Keywords, Content & SEO Audit

Keywords, your Content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) all go hand in hand.

Even the best products & Services need to be sold, but before they can be sold they need to be visible, this is where keyword management comes in. What kind of Traffic do your keywords generate is critical for your Organic ranking and growth. A real time analysis is carried out of your Keywords and where needed new ones suggested to ensure that you do not miss out on the Seach Traffic.

Content: Content rules, in the online world, content is the King. Curating the content which is able to deliver crisp and clear message about your Service and/or product and is based on the right keywords would help you immensely in SEO which would in turn help in increasing the traffic to your website. The Right choice of Keywords with good easy to understand content = Good SEO which in turn equals High Organic Traffic and High Organic Traffic in turn equals more leads flowing into your Funnel.


Review Management

Over 60% of your Customers would be happy to give you a Review but inly 9% of companies / Sales people ask for them. 91% of the people trust online reviews when buying a product or booking a Service. Positive reviews help the Business immensely, but how you respond to negative reviews can also be very beneficial in gaining the trust of people.

Reviews matter and by putting in a process to manage them right in turn will help your Business increase the lead flow.

Setting up your Marketing Funnel - Customer Journey Roadmap

It takes between 10-15 Touch points to create a Brand recall. This means that a customer Journey Roadmap is needed to be built which would create these touch points and move the leads further down the funnel. Marketing funnel that I help set up for your Business leverages a mix of Social Media and Email Marketing where in touch points are created based on their engagement on both Social Media Platforms and Email.

The Tools your Business Needs

What tools work best for your Business. After a detailed Audit and depending upon the designed Roadmap, I help you choose the tools which would give you the best bang for your Buck.

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