Tools I use



At the end of the day it all comes down to what Tools I use and recommend for my Clients. 

tools I use
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The First amongst the tools I use, is a CRM

It is all about your DATA, A Centralised repository for your data is a must. CRM is the Best Tool to do that. I have a 7 Video Series on Setting up CRM tool called Hubspot. 

View Hubspot Tutorial Here

I also recommend Send in Blue as a CRM tool for Smaller companies who have less data and want to have their Email Marketing and CRM combined. 

Send in Blue Tutorial Coming Soon

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Email Marketing Automation

  • Active Campaign – Best in Business for building detailed Customer Journeys. Also built in CRM. Gets expensive pretty quickly if you have a large list. Calculate your expense before you move to this. 
  • Convertkit – Excellent tool, great to send Regular Emails, used mostly by people who prefer sending emails with only text and limited images. Excellent Choice, Any landing pages on this Site have been built with Convertkit. Sign up for free trial
  • Mailerlite –  A great tool for Email Marketing and basic automations. Very strict Sign up process, but once you are approved great tool. Also very affordable. Sign up for free trial here.
  • SendinBlue – This is my pick for Email Marketing Automation, capable of building complex customer Journeys and CRM works well. Overall the Pick if you want an all in one Solution. Sign up for free here

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Follow up tools

It takes between 5-12 follow ups to close the sale test most sales people give up after the 3rd or 4th Try. Follow up can be a pretty boring task. I recommend using this Sales tool for automating your follow ups. 

Watch the Complete Video of how to use Follow up Tools

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Content Creation

This one is pretty Straight forward. CANVA is the default tool that I use personally for Social Media Content creation, Instagram Reels and Stories, Linkedin Banners. The Free plan is good enough for most of the People. 

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Website Hosting

In the Past I have recommend many different hosts, now pretty much the choice is between AWS and Google Cloud. Both have excellent free plans for a year. I simply install Cyber panel and then host the website on it. There is also a Video I made on Free hosting on Google Cloud which can help you get started. 

Free Hosting on Google Cloud

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Content Management System

I prefer to use WordPress as a Content Management system for Websites, the plethora of Plugins make it easy to get everything working. However WordPress also tends to break a lot. My recommendation, if you budgets and you are constantly adding content then go for a react website, else Wix would also work for majority of Static sites as would WordPress.

Building a Website today is not as difficult as it used to be, you can pretty much make your own website in 2-3 days if you have the content. I recommend following this Youtuber for understanding how to create a Website

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Website Builders

When it comes to Website builders, the number of choices out there are many, but depending upon what content management system you use your choices can be rather limited. If you go with WIX, it would come with its own builder. React would have to be hard coded, If you end up using WordPress then there are 2 excellent choices you have DIVI and Elementor. This website has been made with Elementor.