Tools we use on a daily Basis

One of the most asked question is what does a Marketing and Automation expert use on a Daily basis.

01) An Image is worth a 100 words. Edited properly it can help you not only attract the right emotions but also help place your brand in the mind of the customer. No one does it better then Canva. Canva has a free plan and a Paid plan and for most of Travel companies a free plan would do the trick. Sign up with Canva here

02) Content Management System we use is WordPress. There is no other CMS which offers so much flexibility as wordpress does. The plethora of Plugins available make it easy to practically do anything you can think of.

03) The Theme we use is DIVI all my Websites have been created by me personally using the Power of a Visual editor. I have a Lifetime access Multisite Plan which cost $249. With all the Plugins available to go with it. It is pretty straight forward choice. I have used Thrive themes in the past which again comes with a lot of features but for my sites I prefer DIVI.

04) Hosting: I prefer using Google Cloud for hosting, If you are just starting over it starts with a free tier for you as they give you Credits when you sign up. We use Google Cloud and to speed it further have connected it to cloudflare.

05) Email Marketing Provider: We recommend Mailerlite, Mailerlite is a brilliant alternate to a lot of more expensive options out there. What we love about Mailerlite is the ease of use and how simple it is for everyone to set up lead capture and start creating and sending out promotions to your Prospects and Clients. It has lots of Integrations and works very well with practically all other solutions. The Automation feature though not very advanced is more than enough for Travel Companies to achieve their goals. What is also a very helpful feature is that Mailerlite is a very affordable option and not as crazy expensive as some other solutions. 

MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

06) Landing Pages: Websites are great for showcasing your Brand but not necessarily for getting conversions. Driving traffic to your website doesn’t necessarily mean getting 100% attention of your prospects. A Landing page helps you with this. A Landing page can serve as a midway step between your website and prospect and can help in capturing contact data while sharing only the relevant information without distractions. I can recommend you 3 depending upon your budget. If you are using Mailerlite as an Emarketing Service you already have the ability to create awesome Landing Pages here is an Example of how we use it for Bigfoot Marketing, The ability to let me tag people based on interests is unparallel.  If you are not wanting to use Mailerlite and website is on WordPress then Mailmunch would be a great choice, not only does it have a free tier for both sign up forms but also for landing pages, which get the Job done. if however you are ready to scale up and have an upsell and a downsell incorporated into your landing Page and also ready to spend some money then nothing does this job better then Click funnels. Click funnels makes it easy for you to not only get your prospects attention by creating beautiful landing pages but it also helps you upsell to the prospects while they are still on your landing page. If you can visualize it, it can be created. Grab your free trial here or at Click Funnels.

07) Social Media Management: Hootsuite: Social Media is an integral part of our Business today. It is imperative that the posts be shared regularly. Scheduling the same makes your life easy. Hootsuite is one such tool that lets you schedule up to 30 posts on 3 networks on their free plan. If you need to schedule more they also have great paid plans. You could sign up for hootsuite here

08) Video Tool: if a Picture is worth a 1000 words than a Video is worth a million. Video ad’s have the maximum engagement and using this app you can create amazing videos without investing in expensive softwares. If you wish to create awesome videos then use this tool. You can sign up here

09) Facebook Campaigns: Connectio Though facebook does a pretty good job of helping you setup various campaigns, but as any seasoned marketer would tell you, the magic happens when you can find the right audience which are not being targeted by your competition. Having created audiences manually I can tell you its a hit or a miss at most of the times. Connectio as a tool has helped us take the guess work out of audience creation by helping find hidden niches and create finer audiences. Sign up here

10) CRM We use Pipedrive as a CRM. Since our emails are hosted on G-Suite it integrates fully in our ECO system. Has a 2 way email sync and connects to hundreds of tools. With a host of add ons we use it daily to sync it with Linkedin and our Marketing solution. You can try it free for 14 days by signing up on their website or you could use my Link and get a 30 days free trial. You can read more about how the Travel agencies can use the CRM here


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