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If you are here, then it is because of one of three scenarios, either you are wanting to grow your Business from India but don’t know where to start or you have started the process and have realized that you have bitten more than you can chew, or you were promised the MOON by someone but you got Crickets.  

Let’s get straight to the point,  Don’t see India as 1 source market but see it as 5 different markets, the Strategy that works in North of India would not work in South, what appeals to the Western India may not be a consideration factor for East. You need someone who has domain expertise for each of these regions and can help you align your product accordingly. 

We know this because we have been building Tourism Brands and Launching products in India since 1989. (a lot of the competition was not even born then) That was a long time ago and the markets have undergone a complete transformation since then, but guess what? 

Not only were we a part of this transformation launching Brands and products but probably shaping some of it. 

With over 3 Decades of Market experience we know how to align your products, whom to sell it to and how to get you noticed.

  • What should your go to market strategy be? 
  • Whom should you be targeting?

Should you build awareness with End Customer first and then go the B2B route or just Build the awareness with End customer or just get your product in front of the Trade. 

We will answer all these Questions and much more.

We love numbers just as much as the Competition but we don’t dazzle you with them, the Only numbers that matter for us are the ones that show your Growth.

-India is soon going to have 50 Million outbound Travellers – So much potential for your brand they say. Ask yourself how much of this is relevant to your Business. If you operate in Luxury Space you need Quality not Quantity. 

-We are connected to 10K Agents. duh all of them would not be a right fit for you. 50 Good Agents can do wonders for your Brand. You surely don’t need thousands of them what you need is the right product fit.

-We will get you Business from the first month. The truth is you could get it, (we have gotten it,) treat that as an exception and not the Norm. In most of the cases the Brand would need to go through Awareness & Engagement phase before Conversions can happen. 

So set aside 45-60 days for the tap to start turning. If you haven’t budgeted for atleast a 6 month period dont even start with India. 
It takes time for Brand Awarness to happen (Usually 3-4 Touch points if we do it, remember every one is at a different stage of their buying Journey, some convert quickly while others take time) 

You may say all this is fine but how do I start? There are 2 Ways to start getting Business from India You may book a 1 Hour session with me to see if we are a right fit or you may set aside a year or two to Build your Brand in these Markets. (If I feel that we cannot add value to your Business and pay for our Services from the Business Generated then I would not move ahead) . Sounds Fair right?

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Some of the Brands we have grown

Taiwan Tourism  Bureau

Taiwan Tourism wanted to be established in the Middle East market. We put the brand in front of the Travel Trade, ran Joing Promotions and got the brand to become visible. For the Bookings to happen Travellers had to be educated and enjoy a Seamless experience, leveraging marketing we put the brand in front of the right audience. 

End Result: In the first year itself the footfalls witnessed a 50X increase. 

SawaSawa Africa

SawaSawa Africa wanted to grow its B2B Business out of India and the Middle East. Between 2017 and 2020 they saw a Steady increase in the Business not only in terms of numbers but also saw an Increase in Ticket Value. 

End Result: We paid for ourselves from the first year and helped SawaSawa Africa establish a 15% Market share from UAE and generate 1000s of Booking from India.

Brands we are growing right now

Hanging Gardens International

With 3 Boutique Properties in Bali, Hanging Gardens of Bali wants to grow its Share of Business from India and the Middle East. We are Currently building their B2B network in both these Markets. In the Next Phase we would be launching the B2C Awareness with end customers.

Update: 20 of the Biggest Players in India and the Middle East, have already confirmed promotions in the first 15 Days of us taking the Brand to the market.


A Post Booking Solution that helps Travel Agents increase their Per Passenger Profitability and takes the Customer Communciation to the next level. First Product that helps both Incoming Agencies as well as Outbound Travel Agencies. 

Update: Some of the Biggest Brands in India have already done the DEMO and are Interested. Combined these playes produce over 100K Passengers every year.


A Technology Solution built from the Ground up for large Travel Management Companies which not only brings all your Departments together but also increases productivity of your Teams by upto 25%*.

Update: We have already reached out to some of the Biggest Names in the Indian and Middle East and done DEMO for 2 Large TMC having a combined turnover of over 1.5 Billion $

This could be your Brand

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vishal mehra

Who am I

I am an International Sales and Marketing expert for the Hospitality and Tourism Domain. For the Past 3 Decades, I have been driving Sales and Marketing for Destinations, DMC’s and Hotels. I have unlocked many a Brands in India, Nepal, Bhutan, The Middle East, German Speaking Europe and North America. 

India and Middle East is now my preferred Playfround. 

Congratulations you made it all the way to the Bottom now connect with me to see if I can improve your Bottom line.

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